Dietary Tips for Treating Varicose Veins Faster

Dietary Tips for Treating Varicose Veins Faster

Treating Varicose Veins Faster

Varicose veins are the enlarged veins that bulge out twist through the skin surface and appear dark (bluish-purple) in color. Such veins are the result of damaged valves that are responsible for keeping the blood flowing through them. As valves become dysfunctional, blood keeps collecting inside the veins and they swell up. This can result in discomfort and pain.

Treating varicose veins with food

It is a fact that the kind of lifestyle and eating habits have a direct impact on your cardiovascular health.

Thus, people who lead a sedentary life routine and eat junk and processed foods are more prone to developing varicose veins.

Other factors responsible for these abnormally large veins are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Regularly wearing high heels

Considering these factors, it is established over time that women are more prone to varicose veins.

So, if you are searching for natural ways to put an end to this problem of bulging twisted veins, you have landed at just the right place. Varicose veins can become a matter of embarrassment, worry and even prevent you from carrying on with a healthy quality of life.

Through this blog, you will get to know some simple yet effective dietary tips to follow for varicose veins.

So, let’s begin with all the useful insights on the right diet for treating varicose veins.

NOTE: Please visit your physician before making any dietary changes or if you’re in pain for any reason.

Ditch the junk and embrace fiber

As mentioned earlier, obesity and excessive pressure on the lower body are two of the most common causes of varicose veins. Therefore, if you already have varicose veins, you must manage your body weight to prevent other veins from turning varicose.

Dietary Tips for Treating Varicose Veins Faster TodayTo ensure this, stay away from junk, greasy and oily foods as much as you can. Incorporate fiber-rich foods in your diet to maintain a healthy bowel movement and prevent constipation-related pressure on the lower body.

Whole grains, fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables are loaded with fibers.

Stay fully hydrated

Staying hydrated is the best way to enhance blood circulation in the body. Drinking enough water throughout the day prevents the blood from getting thick and thus ensures proper blood flow through the veins, thereby preventing the blood from pooling inside the veins.

You should also have fresh fruit and vegetable juices to enhance blood circulation and maintain healthy veins.

Include these herbs in a regular diet

Certain herbs have medicinal properties and help improve vein health and blood circulation. Some of these herbs and plants include cayenne pepper, horse chestnut extract, grape seed extract, pine bark extract, butcher’s broom, and witch hazel.

These herbs have medicinal properties and are highly beneficial in the treatment of bulging swollen veins. These reduce the inflammation and pain caused due to varicose veins.

In addition to providing symptomatic relief, they also boost blood circulation and strengthen the walls and valves of the blood vessels, thereby improving chronic venous insufficiency symptoms.

These foods are vital for veins

Your diet plays a crucial role in deciding whether the condition of your varicose veins will improve or not. Some of the best foods for varicose veins include:

  • Rutin-rich foods (Buckwheat, grapes, cherries, apricots)
  • Avocados
  • Asparagus
  • Beets
  • Rosemary

These foods are rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial chemical compounds. These foods alleviate the swelling and soreness of varicose veins and also prevent other veins from getting enlarged.

Moreover, they ensure proper blood flow and circulation throughout the body and also improve vascular health.

What you should not eat or drink with varicose veins?

  • Canned and processed foods- Canned and processed foods usually come in a tin or plastic container lined with a compound called bisphenol. Bisphenol acts in the same way estrogen does in our body and can worsen the condition of varicose veins. Therefore, try to avoid canned and processed foods.
  • Food and beverages with added sugar- Excessive amounts of sugar, especially refined and added sugar, can result in adverse effects on vein health. This can lead to reduced vein functioning and the condition of varicose veins can deteriorate.
  • Carbonated drinks and alcohol- Carbonated drinks and alcohol can adversely affect vascular health. These can damage the veins. Moreover, they may act as diuretics and lead to dehydration, which, in turn, can cause healthy veins to turn varicose.
  • Refined carbohydrates- Refined carbohydrates and refined grains are not healthy options for varicose veins. These have less nutritional value and can lead to difficulties in bowel movement, eventually causing constipation. This can put your lower body under pressure and aggravate the symptoms.
  • Foods containing excess salt- Salty foods can lead to water retention in the blood, thereby increasing the volume of blood in the body. This can pressurize the vein valves and result in improper functioning.
  • Excessive amounts of caffeine- Caffeine in limited amounts is not very harmful, but excessive quantities of caffeine can cause dehydration and increase the chances of blood pooling in the veins.

So these are all easy-to-follow dietary tips for treating varicose veins faster. But that is not all we have for you. Read further to know other fitness tips as well.

  • Adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Ditch the sedentary mode of living and do a little exercise, go for small walks or do a little yoga. This will keep your body weight in check and also enhance blood circulation.
  • Do not keep sitting or standing for prolonged hours. Take a little break, walk a little to keep the blood flowing.
  • Wear compression stockings while carrying on with routine activities. These will help minimize the pressure on your legs.
  • While sitting or lying down, use two or three pillows to keep your legs elevated. Let gravity do its job in maintaining proper circulation of blood.
  • Avoid lifting very heavyweights. Also, refrain from indulging in vigorous activities that may pressurize your lower body.

Quick note- If varicose veins in your case are severe or recurring, you should consult a specialist too. Yes, in such a case undergoing seeking medical help becomes necessary for complete relief. Otherwise, the prolonged condition of varicose veins may cause some other complications. So, avoiding doctor’s consultation does not fit well in this scenario.

Which doctor should you consult for varicose veins?

As soon as you notice the symptoms of varicose veins, get in touch with an experienced vascular specialist. Varicose veins can be troublesome, but they are treatable.

Timely consultation with a specialist doctor can save you from the complexities of varicose veins treatment. If you attend to varicose veins in time, chances are that home remedies and lifestyle changes would be enough to resolve the problem.

However, in case these do not work, you can always go for the modern laser treatment for varicose veins. The advanced laser treatment is a safe, effective, and hassle-free varicose veins treatment that can help you get rid of varicose veins in just one day.

Also, while going for varicose veins treatment, make sure that you choose the right doctor. One reliable healthcare provider that you can consult for varicose veins treatment in Delhi and other major cities of India is Pristyn Care.

They are one of the leading healthcare providers in the country and are associated with the best vascular specialists and hospitals in the country. You can consult one of their doctors and undergo the proper treatment according to your condition.


Varicose veins can cause you much trouble if you do not tend to them in time. A proactive and mindful way of treating varicose veins can get you rid of them as these are totally curable.

Along with dietary and lifestyle changes, make sure to stay in touch with a medical professional as well. This will not just help you with treating varicose veins faster, but also save you from any unpleasant complications.

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Dietary Tips for Treating Varicose Veins Faster