How to Draw the Line and Enjoy Your Food

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Personalize Your Diet to Enjoy Your Food 

Does it seem like there are so many “expert” opinions out there that it’s hard to even enjoy your food anymore? Eat carbs… don’t eat carbs… more protein… less protein… it goes on and on. What about we just stick to a personalized diet that makes you happy and healthy? It’s time to enjoy your food again!

It’s time to enjoy your food

The concept of nutrition is constantly changing and there is nothing you can do about it but relax and form your own opinion.

Research done several decades ago is rarely relevant today, while modern results and findings are often discarded by older generations as imprecise and inaccurate.

What used to be considered healthy back in the day is being avoided like the plague nowadays and vice versa. And this is just the way of science – it is constantly developing and changing, updating and upgrading, locating new sources of knowledge and information.

This is particularly the case with food research and the effects it has on our bodies, so it is not surprising that we always come up with new findings.

Why does this keep happening, who is right and, ultimately, what are you to do?

The Old Ways – Tradition, Presumptions, Fear

When looking at scientific results from half a century ago, you cannot help but feel taken aback and amazed – not because this research was silly, dated, or wrong at the time, but because they seem silly, dated, and wrong now.

People used to believe different crazy things over the course of history – just remember the brilliant “the Earth is flat” idea – and it is the purpose of modern science to deny these mistaken concepts and come up with new, more precise ones.

enjoy your foodWhen speaking of nutrition and the way we are supposed to eat, things used to be quite easy to understand: certain foods were accused of being unhealthy and generally bad for us and previous generations were to stay away from meals containing these notorious ingredients.

Some of these were carbs, bread, gluten, protein, and sometimes even milk!

Nevertheless, this was just the tip of the iceberg because so many more common ingredients were labeled as harmful. And why did that occur? Because these de facto comprised the majority of our daily intake of food and previous generations could hardly avoid them.

Moreover, some people had a problem digesting them, which is the reason why they proposed everyone should skip them altogether.

Even though this may seem unreliable, some of these ingredients really did do some wrong to our bodies – at least for some groups of people.

Gluten has always been hard to digest, protein had to be measured perfectly for those with kidney problems, while carbs and bread were infamous because they could make you fat. However, in recent decades, the situation has changed due to several reasons.

The New Ways – Variety, Insight, Personalization

enjoy your food milkFirst of all, the science behind the food industry has greatly developed and more and more people are now able to conduct more thorough research that accurately shows what is good and bad in certain foods.

With this, our collective knowledge of food is exponentially expanding day after day and we now know more about it than ever. Due to that, it is easier to determine how positive or negative certain foods really are.

Furthermore, we now have a wider choice of foods available to us. We do not have to eat only one sort of bread nor confine our dairy needs to just one kind of milk but choose some of the available options on the market.

Of course, different sorts and kinds were always present in the world, but were not always so close to us – thirty or forty years ago, you had to go through more trouble to obtain whole wheat bread or organic milk than today.

Hence, with more choices, you can choose not to eat something that is considered bad for you – and this is one of the perks of our age.

Finally, people have realized that personal opinion is the key to a satisfactory diet.

You do not have to trust any study or research as long as you eat food that makes you happy and healthy. This philosophy is supported by many personal fitness trainers who always point out that finding foods that work for you is vital.

So, instead of removing certain foods from your daily menu, you should focus on the ones that make you content and have been proven to assist you in looking and feeling your best.

Food Redemption

enjoy your food potatoesAll these positive traits of our time have led to an interesting occurrence – a number of foods that used to be considered bad and unhealthy have been found to have more than a few positive aspects.

For example, white potatoes used to be cast as one of the biggest villains in your kitchen, but more recent studies show how good they are for you and that they can help you fight cancer, heart conditions, and various diseases.

Also, the concept of obesity is constantly changing – during the 20th century, it was ignored and it was almost “heresy to talk about an impending pandemic of obesity across the globe,” as a 2012 study states, but this is not the case anymore which is why obesity is an important issue of modern medicine.


So what does all of this mean for us? With so many people paying attention to food research, you can get informed and find out how to make proper food choices that will not make you obese or unhealthy but suit you the most.

Find the ideal middle ground that provides you a nutritious diet while letting you enjoy your food.

What we are saying is to find the right foods for you that fit into your healthy lifestyle and customize your diet to fit you!

Don’t customize your life to fit into a “healthy” diet! It’s time for you to enjoy your food!

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