The Worst Kept Secret: How to Achieve Consistency

Consistency is the Key to Success

Consistency is key… and that is one secret you’ve heard over and over again. So why is it so hard to actually achieve? Check out these simple tips that will help you improve consistency in all aspects of your life from exercise to your career!

Practicing consistency can produce big results…

Achieving more consistency in life is always easier said than done. Whether you want to build a sculpted body or a family business, you must cover all the bases, be patient, and avoid the urge to throw in the towel. The foundation for any success is rooted in good habits: they must be built block by block and displayed over the long haul.

An amazing fitness program is not worth the paper it is written on without enough determination to see it through.

the-worst-kept-secret-of-how-to-achieve-consistencyTime for a change

As if our own shortcoming were not enough, distractions are everywhere around you: social life, digital media, entertainment, junk food, you name it. The trick is not to completely eliminate them and strip your lifestyle of everything that makes it interesting. You want to enjoy yourself, even while pushing your body to the limit and beyond.

Take the example of your smartphone, a great time waster. Well, it can work to your advantage in the fitness arena if you download a fitness tracker or planner, not the newest video game.

If you are feeling down prior to visiting a gym, and barely see your daily routine through, you are doing something wrong. So, make a positive change:  switch the gym and the people you train with or opt for a better program. Some individuals are at their best when alone, breaking a sweat in the comfort of their home.

Others need a push from someone else, preferably a personal coach. Likewise, you could make new friends in the gym, form a training partnership with someone, and hold each other accountable.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Furthermore, note that although you should feel good about what you are doing, it is impossible not to feel blue sometimes. What you must learn is how to embrace what sucks in fitness routines: mental drain, physical pain, lack of time, etc.

The real test of your consistency comes when you do not feel like training at all because true perseverance keeps you going no matter what. Also, remember that it is perfectly normal to mess things up, but you need to learn from your mistakes.

the-worst-kept-secret-of-how-to-achieve-consistency-timeStressing about the little things is not something that helps you reach your goals faster. It is only the choices you make on a daily basis that make a difference. The art of self-discipline is not a natural blessing we gain at a genetic lottery, but a virtue forged through the trials and tribulations of life. Therefore, there are many things you can do to avoid going off track. First off, set short-term, midterm, and long-term goals.

They are stepping stones, motivation boosters that propel you towards the end game. Now, short-term goals are usually about 3 months long, and if it suits you, break them down into separate month-long benchmarks. On the other hand, the end goals are between 1 and 3-years-long. It may be hard, but do not seek shortcuts and cut corners. You want sustainable results that are proportionate to the amount of effort and physical strain.

Just avoid gimmicks and cluttering your training with trendy bells and whistles. The best programs are as simple as ABC and empowered by healthy nutrition and solid sleeping habits. Also, appropriate equipment is paramount to attain peak performance.

So, put on clothing that lets you move freely and breathe, and do not forget the right footwear such as amazing lifting shoes. So, the tools are at your disposal, you just need to pick them up and show due diligence.


Life is not a destination, but a journey which starts with a single step, the decision to be at your best.

Fitness gurus and athletes have paved the way to physical greatness, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The framework of consistency is built with the material of lifestyle choices, fitness goals, training programs, and good habits.

To fill it with some substance, you need to invest time and effort, eat well, and get plenty of rest. Repeat that countless times and the results will come!

Mathews is a fitness advisor and passionate weightlifter. He's hooked on healthy living and eating. He is specially interested in nutrition and workout supplements. To see more Mathew's health tips follow him at Twitter.
Mathews McGarry