Drinking Coffee Before Or After Workout

coffee before or after workout

Can Coffee Help Your Workout?

There are a lot of drinks nowadays used before or after a workout. From pre-workouts to energy drinks, can coffee top them all? Check out why this antioxidant-loaded drink might be the ticket!

The power of coffee…

Usually, energy drinks and supplements are chosen as a pre-workout drink, but one of the most underrated methods is drinking coffee before and after your workout.

Yes, coffee!

Surprisingly, it has a lot benefits that will help your workout routine on a daily basis.

It Increases Your Performance

Drinking just the right amount of coffee before exercise will allow you to fully maximize your performance.

The common misconception about coffee is that it can dehydrate you more than sodas and the like, but recent studies show otherwise. They show that it will hydrate you enough to do outdoor activities and tiring exercises.

In addition, it is a type of drink that energizes you since caffeine is considered a powerful ergogenic aid.

A lot of athletes concede that coffee is one of their best drinks before performing their sport or exercise routine and it really hypes up their energy. This causes them to fully maximize their capabilities and improve their performances in their respective activities.

Morning Exercise

Coffee is one of the drinks people consume in the morning before going to work for the day. Little did they know that it is one of the most prescribed drinks as well before morning exercise. It energizes the body and mind, helping them to focus on their workout.

It is a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system and controls blood pressure. These are all essential in helping the mind and body to do more activities.

If exercise is done in the morning, you should drink at the right time. For instance, coffee is absorbed in the stomach within 15 minutes and starts working ~30-45 minutes after. So better to drink it 45-60 minutes before a workout.

Evening Exercise

Effects of caffeine last for 5 to 7 hours which isn’t helpful to those who want a pick-me-up before their evening workout. That’s because it can result in sleeping difficulties and we all know how important sleep is!

Drinking Coffee Pre and Post WorkoutOne may resort to morning exercise instead, or drinking tea that has caffeine but is more diluted than coffee providing a lesser “jolt” of caffeine.

However, this is all still dependent on the person’s physique since breaking down caffeine is all dependent on the drinker’s body system. For instance, the effects may be different to you vs your workout partner.

You could also check the best and ideal drip coffee machine reviews for a better choice of coffee makers and makes it easier for caffeine management.

It Decreases Muscle Pain

One of the benefits of drinking coffee before and after a workout is that it actually decreases the muscle pain felt during normal activities and exercise.

The reason behind this is that caffeine blocks the pain signals from muscles going to the brain. Obviously, this can cause you to feel less pain after lifting and performing exercises (to an extent).


For best results, drink an hour before or 30 minutes after the workout.

This will allow you to feel more energized and makes you more comfortable even after extraneous routines and exercise.

Note: It is best paired with water for better hydration.

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Drinking Coffee Before Or After Workout