Every Stubborn Fat Has Its Nemesis


Stubborn Fat Causing You Problems?

Are you dealing with stubborn fat and think there’s no way to lose it and keep it off? Our guest author breaks down 6 not-so-obvious ways to help you lose stubborn fat forever! When it comes to the DIY Lifestyle, it’s all about sustainable results and these tips can help you achieve them!

Stubborn Fat Be Gone

Modern society has an acute problem with obesity. This growing epidemic is multiplied by the number of people who lost weight only to gain it back.

What we need is a clear and effective weight loss strategy that will target the most significant causes on a long-term.

The six points below deal with the core of the problem.

1. Self-Love is the Key

Media campaigns often speak of weight loss as a contest in which there are only losers and winners. Popular aggressive weight loss programs target our body, forcing it to change. Intense training programs and low-calorie diets push us to the limit.

However, studies show that while this approach can produce short-term results, a large number of people who lost weight in this way gained everything back in a matter of time.

Naturopathic doctors say that the reason behind this is that our aggressive weight loss strategy has contributed to self-hatred.

By criticizing ourselves for imperfect bodies, we ignore the lack of love and self-respect, as the main causes of weight gain.

Healthy lifestyle sprouts from self-love and acceptance.

2. Emotional Side of Weight Loss

StressOur body fat is an active component. Its cells change the way your body regulates blood sugar and hormones. Losing weight doesn’t only affect our physical health, but also impacts the psychological and emotional dimensions.

For instance, there was a case where a woman couldn’t achieve long-term weight loss – the pounds always seemed to come back. In a conversation with her naturopathic doctor, she revealed that she found comfort in her extra weight.

Her extra body weight provided her with comfort and protection she wasn’t ready to let go.

Before dealing with surplus weight, we must ask ourselves if there is an emotional need for the extra weight we are carrying? Then we could learn to fulfill those needs!

3. Reduce the Stress

A common and recurring mistake in any weight loss program is ingesting very little calories and taking up intense exercise for prolonged period of time.

Still, normal weight losing rate is within 1-2 pounds a week. If it goes faster than that, our body enters a state of deprivation and starvation. This triggers a mental and hormonal stress response. Increased stress level releases the stress hormone cortisol, which activates fat storage into the abdominal region.

Stress can also slow down the activity of the thyroid gland, which respectively slows down the metabolism. And we know that a slow metabolism can cause weight gain.

You have to make sure that the weight loss program you undertake is not stressful, either physically or mentally.

Moderate exercise and progressive calorie reduction are more useful than strict dieting or excruciating exercise.

4. Make the Changes Permanent

Do you think that prolonged periods of unhealthy living can be cleansed and reset in a few days of strict diet and exercise? Well things don’t work that way!

Cleanses and detoxes are beneficial in getting rid of built-up toxins and revitalizing the digestive system, but in a weight loss scenario we should make every change permanent.

Our lives are full of parties, holidays, New Years, special occasions and Saturday nights. From time to time we eat more than we should, and drink more than we can. However, the true key to staying fit and healthy is learning to navigate that minefield.

Weight loss benefits more from small changes that you make over time and stick to them for a lifetime than from periods of intense dieting. Replace sodas with mineral water, or cakes and sweets with fresh fruit. Eat more leafy vegetables.

Whatever small advancement you make, it will be with you for a lifetime.

5. Fat that Kills Fat

fork-207410_640Those attractive low-calorie products are aggressively advertised as the ultimate weight loss food. However, those are often processed, high in sugar and refined carbohydrates and full of additives that substitute high-calorie nutrients.

However, a more efficient way is to increase the intake of healthy fats on a daily basis. Increasing the intake of fat, while reducing carbs and sugar, will signal to our body to start burning those reserves, as regular fat intake is not an issue anymore.

Likewise, fat is a crucial nutrient that produces cell membranes, brain tissue and hormones.

Healthy fat intake regulates blood sugar and eliminates craving for fast unhealthy fat shots like junk food. Unlike processed, low-fat products, whole unprocessed food is rich in nutrients that burn the body fat by providing it with everything it needs.

6. Health Should be the Prime Concern

These days. weight loss is automatically related to a healthy lifestyle. However, losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy. It is other way round. A healthy lifestyle has weight loss as a side effect. For instance, you will lose weight by introducing changes that will boost your overall wellness.

By eating more whole food, alleviating daily stress and exercising moderately on a daily basis, you get so much more than just weight loss.


It’s time to kick that stubborn fat to the curb! Your body has a natural point of balance.

Why not let it adjust itself by promoting a healthy lifestyle?

Mathews McGarry