Your Skin After Weight Loss


Facial Skin After Weight Loss – A Big Deal?

Before anyone jumps the gun here, this article is about how losing a large amount of weight can affect your skin (more specifically your facial skin) and isn’t making a case to not lose weight.  So if you are interested in your facial skin after weight loss (and really how it affects all skin) and how to keep a youthful appearance as you lose weight then read on!

Skin after weight loss

The most common problem faced by many who lose weight quickly is premature aging of the facial skin. Your face can start looking way older with laugh lines, wrinkles, drooping skin or even dark circles.

You may feel very good physically, with your body being more active and fit, but the effect on facial skin is the cause of a few worries.

Some people especially the ones in their late 40s and early 50s, even celebrities, have now resorted to putting on some weight in order to look younger which we don’t want to do so let’s do it the right way!

Why Does This Happen

Skin after weight loss scaleWhen you start losing weight indefinitely, your skin goes through a lot of changes that perhaps you may not completely be aware of. Here are some of the changes that can take place.

1. You Lose the Fat in Your Skin

When you lose weight, you also lose fat from your face. So naturally the skin withdraws more closely to your cheekbones which dramatically decreases the natural suppleness in the skin and makes you look older.

2. You Lose Elasticity of the Facial Skin

Another negative effect of losing weight post a crash diet is, you lose a significant level of elasticity from your facial skin, which results into sagginess and droopiness of the skin.

3. Premature Signs of Aging

You may start to witness fine lines and wrinkles that you thought never existed on your face. In addition to that, you may also start noticing those conspicuous pores as without fat underneath they tend to sink further into the skin making them appear deeper.

Yes, you guessed it, losing weight may cause your facial skin to age! Just like the contestants on the biggest loser, you can clearly see the changes in their facial skin after losing that large amount of weight! So during your weight loss journey, here are a few ways to help negate adverse skin effects:

How Do We Prevent These Negative Effects?

1. Regulate Your Diet Properly

Skin after weight loss dietIt is vital to eat right and in right quantities in order to maintain radiant facial skin. You must look for components that prevent breakdown of collagen, a significant cause of wrinkles.

You must also pay attention to essential nutrients that your body requires in order to have healthy cell divisions and for well-being of your skin texture and tone.

Your skin also requires fatty acids for healthy skin, without it you more likely to have drier skin.

What you don’t have to consume in excess is sugar as it massively damages collagen. The good news is, you can substitute sugar with herbal sweetener. [Always a good thing!]

Lastly, your diet should be rich of Vitamins A, C and E. Deficiency of any vitamins will lead to damaged skin.

Foods such as baby carrots, Brussels sprouts, leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits play a pivotal role in enriching your body with Vitamins.

2. Don’t Over-Train

Yes, exercising is great but over-doing it is harmful. [Too much exercise can be bad for your joints and muscles as well!] When you exercise for long hours without any breaks, you are letting your skin be vulnerable to skin outbursts.

Moreover, over exhaustion may also cause insomnia, further leading to dark circles under your eyes. Plan your breaks and exercises wisely.

3. Choose Tea Over Coffee

Research shows that green and black tea contains EGCG and theaflavins, which does not damage the collagen levels of skin. So, next time avoid drinking that cup of Joe, and instead go for the milk-free tea.

4. Follow a Daily Strength-Training Routine

It is absolutely imperative to rigorously follow a strength-training program that aids in creating supportive muscle tone.

As you get older, you tend to develop sagging skin from the neck down, and in order to avoid the sagging of the skin, you need to create supportive muscle tone.

Skin after weight loss yoga5. Practice Yoga

One cannot fail to emphasize the importance of practicing yoga on daily basis for its numerous benefits, and one of them being a healthy facial skin. Yoga helps in preventing skin breakouts while alleviating stress from your skin.

It is the boost of oxygen that gives a lovely glow to the skin. Superior levels of worries can actually cause skin breakouts or even magnify a severe skin condition called psoriasis.

Yoga is indeed helpful for all your skin concerns especially when you lose weight.

You now have all the reasons in the world to incorporate yoga in your daily lifestyle routine, and moreover, keeping in mind the benefits of yoga, the whole world now celebrates yoga on the 21st of June of every year.


When it comes to your skin after weight loss, losing weight should definitely be your primary goal, but make sure that in the process you take care of your skin too!

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