Exercise For Kids: Grab a Scooter

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This is a Great Exercise for Kids

From eating healthy to exercising, we need to instill a healthy mindset in our kids. There aren’t many kids that want to spend all Saturday afternoon stuck working out. Instead, use fun activities that get them active and moving. Scooters can be one such tool that makes for great exercise for kids!

Ultimate exercise for kids?

A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy and can lead to obesity, sickness, and disease. There are plenty of ways to avoid such occurrences. One way is to eat healthy by eating a well-balanced meal full of fruits and vegetables. The other way is the hardest of all: exercise.

No matter how hard it may seem, the results are always rewarding. Find out how to exercise while having fun.

Scooters are beneficial to children’s health

Yes, playing around with a scooter can have lots of health benefits, not only for the kids but also for you. Instead of letting them lay around the house, being couch potatoes, engage them in fun activities such as this.

This is especially helpful to kids having weight problems and helpful to those who just want to sweat it out, too. Scooters are great tools for getting fit and have fun with your family all at the same time.

Health Effects of Scooters

  • Scooters help burn calories
  • Helps stretch different muscle groups, which includes the thighs, calves, buttocks, and back
  • Makes the heart fit and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke
  • Promotes mental alertness

To jog or to scoot?

  • exercise for kids joggingJogging can help keep people fit, make the heart healthy and lose all the unwanted weight. But, there are also downsides to it and that includes the impact on the joints. Not only are the joints affected, but the back as well, especially the lower back that is prone to shocks.
  • Riding a scooter, on the other hand, saves you all the trouble of suffering from an injured knee or painful back. Using a scooter does not make your body become a shock absorber, instead, it saves your body due to the low impact the scooter provides.

Which is better: cycling or scooter?

  • Cycling is another form of exercise, which keeps the body fit and healthy. Although it does have plenty of benefits, it can also be detrimental to the back muscles and spine. This leads to a sore back due to prolonged stretching of the arms while cycling. Most cyclists often complain about this problem, as well as knee-cap pain due to pedaling long distances.
  • While cycling concentrates more on the lower extremities, the scooter involves both the lower and the upper body. It helps strengthen the back, arms, chest, and stomach muscles. After a long ride on a bike, pressure sores can sometimes occur. Unlike the scooter, there are no chances of getting one because you do not need to sit while doing it.

The Principle of Effective Exercise

A few minutes of riding a scooter can help you get the energy you need for the day. But if you want to use the scooter as a medium of your workout, then your users should progress daily. It means that the dose of exercise should increase every day.

This way, you will get the desired results that you are aiming for. Maintain your desired body weight and fitness by still doing it daily, but only to a lesser degree.

exercise for kids scooterLose weight effectively with the scooter

“Scootering” is an effective workout regimen. A few minutes every day can give you energy and help flush out toxins out of the body through sweat.

It also keeps the heart healthy and helps you lose weight. Now, how does it help you lose weight?

When you constantly kick off the ground to get the scooter going, this in itself, is already a form of exertion. When you make your body move, as simple as kicking, it burns calories.

So, if you do more kicking, this can eventually help you improve your heart health and burn calories all at the same time!


Scooters are not only toys, they are effective workout tools! If you need more information, check out this scooter guide.

With the alarming rate of obesity and cardiovascular disease around the world, exercise has now become an integral part of everyday life.

The scooter provides a great exercise alternative for you and your family to start improving your health today!

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