8 Top Healthy Foods Learned from Athletes

Top Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet

If you are looking for the top healthy foods to increase your workout effectiveness, look no further than the athletes who train for their livelihood! Check out these amazing foods!

Eating these top healthy foods?

For athletes, training does not only cover the physical aspects of exercise but following a healthy diet is also a crucial part of it. Since athletes would be practicing and competing often, they should develop good eating habits.

Choosing the right snacks, drinking enough fluids, and eating energizing foods are all essential.

When you are engaged in sports, you will value your health and body much better than before. You’ll know why you have to eat right and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Here are some healthy habits that are commonly practiced by athletes, that you might want to practice yourself, too.

Define your “why”

The very first and essential step for you to achieve all that you want as an athlete is to be clear in defining your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ will serve as a constant reminder for you to stay focused and committed to going the right path and for you to be pushed forward especially during times of difficulties.

When your ‘why’ entails your burning and unwavering passion, you are very likely to succeed.

The ‘why’ does not only apply to athletes, as many of us want to start a healthy change in lifestyle but haven’t clearly defined that question yet. A significant ‘why’ would make you burn in passion and determination that will help you in turning your goals, hopes, and dreams into reality.

8-top-healthy-foods-learned-from-athletesOatmeal and cherries

Oatmeal is a high source of a lot of nutrients and minerals: vitamin B, fiber, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, and protein.

Plus, its glycemic index is also low, which is essential in providing the sustained release of energy right into the bloodstream. It also helps in maintaining normal levels of cholesterol in the body.

Cherries are known for their anti-oxidant properties and provide a lot of health, recovery, and performance benefits which are important for athletes. According to research, runners who regularly consumed tart cherry juice had fewer muscle pains after long runs compared to those who didn’t. It even offers post-exercise benefits because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Kale and Milk

As a member of the cabbage family, Kale offers a high level of vitamins including the vitamins A, B6, K, as well as iron and calcium. Carotenoids and flavonoids, two of the most powerful antioxidants can also be found in Kale, which helps in protecting the cells from free radicals which cause oxidative stress.

It also has a high fiber content which is helpful in lowering cholesterol levels.

The good, old-fashioned milk works best for athletes since it is loaded with proteins and carbohydrates, which becomes very useful for post-exercise muscle recovery. When these are consumed together, muscle tissue can be repaired faster.


These are best for both pre and post-workout consumption since it is rich in potassium and vitamin-B6.

It becomes very helpful in maintaining a low blood sugar level, regulating digestion, and re-stocking the body with the electrolytes that were lost after an intense workout. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Considered as one of the top healthy foods with the most nutrient-dense protein, the ‘King of Fish’, salmon contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B6 and B12.

It helps in reducing inflammation thanks to the high omega-3 content, which is why it is very useful for athletes. Research has shown that regular consumption of salmon decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease via its antioxidant properties.

Beans and Legumes

Protein-rich plants and beans are important for athletes, especially for vegetarians or those who prefer to go meatless now and then. Beans can be simply added to any food; you don’t have to eat it straight out of the can to have a daily dose of it.

It does not have saturated fats and is a good source of fiber, which helps in making you feel full for a longer time.

8 Top Healthy Foods Learned from Athletes

Cruciferous Veggies

You can never go wrong with vegetables; it gives a lot of vitamins and minerals which are needed by your body to perform better.

Dark and leafy greens, especially those that are part of the cruciferous family are very rich in antioxidants, fibers, and many more essential nutrients.

Chocolate Milk

You can consume even those that are from the stores, or mix low-fat chocolate milk, and you’ll get simple carbohydrates and proteins, which are essential for your body’s recovery after a rigorous workout.

The caffeine in chocolate also helps in dilating and relaxing muscles, making oxygen-rich blood reach the muscles faster.


Athletes go through long, intense, grueling workouts that affect their bodies and minds.

This is why they need to know the right food and snacks to help in fueling their bodies and recover afterwards.

These top healthy foods and tips above can be very helpful for any athlete’s diet.

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