How To Build A Home Gym

how to build a home gym

Create Your Best Home Gym

What do you need in a workout room? What would your best home gym include? Check out these simple hacks to help you design your own workout room and help you get great results from your home! Best home gym coming up!

Tips for designing your workout room

Whether you’re tired of paying for the gym or just want a place to work out without leaving the house, creating a workout room is the perfect way to stay on top of fitness.

If you’re not changing out of your pajamas today or if you’re tired of all the sweaty, buff people at the gym, you can exercise in peace from the comfort of your home with a workout room designed to suit you.

To get started on that best home gym, take a look at the tips below.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Best Home Gym MirrorNot only are mirrors great for reflecting light and making a room appear larger, but they’re also useful for perfecting your form while you exercise.

Pick a wall in your room to put a full-length mirror on — you should be able to see your entire body in the mirror while exercising. A mirror will work for all types of exercise, but it’s especially important for those practicing yoga.

Working on your form and being in tune with your body are two benefits of having a mirror in your exercise room. While you may initially feel uncomfortable in front of a mirror, repeated practice in front of one can help to “normalize” your body to yourself.

Instead of noticing what you consider to be your physical flaws, you’ll start to recognize the strength and ability your body provides.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the right space for your home gym will make a huge difference in how much you use it and how effective it really is as a workout space.

Unless you like being packed like a sardine into a room with all your craft supplies, it’s best to pick a space that isn’t pulling double duty. Having a space for the sole purpose of exercise can also help prepare your mind for the workout ahead — when you head towards this space, you know you’re there to get physical.

Of course you want a space that’s private and quiet, but what other qualities could this room have to make you feel at ease?

A room that overlooks the yard or outdoor space can give you something to focus on while you sweat it out. Adding touches of nature such as live plants or the sound of running water can help you relax and get in the mindset to get down to business.

Inspiration for Your Perspiration

Some days we need a little push to give us the drive to workout — that’s where your wall decor comes into play. Choose posters and images that inspire you to work towards your personal goal.

Or, if you like to do it yourself, consider painting old pallets with an inspirational message. If you choose this route, make sure to wear eye protection and lay a drop cloth, the last thing you want is a stained workout floor!

Want to raise your endurance so you can hike? Decorate with images of scenic hiking trails and snowy mountains. If you work out to be stronger and better for your family, put up pictures of your loved ones to keep you going.

This space is for you to be the best you can be. Your inspiration is unique to you, and that should show in your design.

Neat and Tidy

Best Home Gym OfficeNo one wants to exercise in a space that’s cluttered. Organizing your workout room will keep it clean and usable, reducing the number of excuses you give yourself for why tai chi can wait until tomorrow.

Having cubbies for small equipment such as little weights, yoga mats or props like blocks and straps will clear up a lot of floor space in your room. Shelving is a wonderful option for creating storage without taking up floor space.

Keep It Simple

If you’re the type of person who finds yourself easily distracted while working out, it could be more effective for you to take a minimalist approach to your workout space.

Try creating a small area bare of electronics or other distractions with one or two pieces of equipment. This no-frills approach can help keep your mind on the task ahead of you and get you in the zone for a great workout.

Focus is important in any workout, so knowing yourself and how you focus will make all the difference in your design plan.


Your best home gym will be just as unique as you are, and putting your personal touches on your exercise room will create a space that feels warm and inviting to you.

You can even go so far as to build your own gym equipment like this DIY weight tree!

Using the tips above will guide you in the right direction towards creating a gym that gives you the drive to achieve your fitness goals in style.

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