The Best Home Workout Equipment For The Ultimate Workout

best home workout equipment

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Your Home Fitness Equipment

What’s the best home fitness equipment for results? Glad you asked! Check out the home equipment you can quickly set up to give you a great workout and help you reach your goals!

Get results with this home fitness equipment…

The facilities offered by a fully equipped gym usually can be completely replaced by a home fitness setup… It just takes a little effort!

If  you simply can’t make it to the gym due to your schedule, you can still remain fit by working out at home.

In fact, with just a little help from some affordable and compact gear, you can expand your home fitness routine to include more than just free squats and pushups.

The Dumbbell-Kettlebell Hybrid

Home Fitness EquipmentPractix has the perfect set of dumbbell-kettlebell hybrids which are a cost-effective and portable way to own both the equipment in one compact package.

In their own words, “Smaller in size, greater in mobility. The M25 is Ideal if you want to work out in the park or wish to have some weights with you in the back of your trunk. The M25 replaces 4 kettlebells and 3 dumbbells.”

They also have products in weights up to 45lbs – ideal for those who want to increase their weights as they progress.

The only thing to keep in mind is that while choosing, make sure that the set you buy has enough adjustable weights to be adequate for your workouts.

If you are not accustomed to using dumbbells or kettlebells, we suggest opting for something lighter initially and then gradually working your way towards the heavier weights.

Resistance Bands

All resistance bands are made out of stretchable rubber and will have a handle on each end.

They can expand the number of exercises in your home routine vastly since everything from bicep curls, tricep extensions, and wrists curls to shoulder presses, chest presses, and even weighted lying leg raises can be done with resistance bands.

As the resistance rating on these bands is equivalent to the pounds/kilograms marked on dumbbells, they should be chosen according to the strength and stamina of the particular individual. A resistance band is in-expensive and extremely compact gym equipment and once you start using it, you just can’t think of fitness at home without it.

The Pull Up Bar

In the same way that different variations of the push-up are absolutely essential parts of building up pectorals and triceps at home, the pull-up is necessary to build the back and the biceps.

Get a doorway pull-up bar, or drill one in, but not having one is not an option. Apart from doing wide-grip, close-grip, and reverse grip pull-ups for your back and biceps, you will also be able to use the bar to work on your abs with hanging leg raises and knee raises.

As you would be putting the whole weight of your body on the bar, it is advised that you choose something durable from a reputed manufacturer.


While these are the top equipment suggestions for people looking to lose fat and build some muscle at home, you can also add medicine balls, weighted jump ropes, free weights, adjustable dumbbells, and even a mat to your fitness space.

Try and stick to two-in-one products and choose the ones which you find to be most useful for your particular fitness goals.

Now go out there and get started!

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The Best Home Workout Equipment For The Ultimate Workout