How Couples Yoga Will Strengthen Your Relationship

How Couples Yoga Will Strengthen Your Relationship

What is Couples Yoga?

Couples yoga agrees with the saying that “alone we can do so little and together we can do so much.” So, if you want to strengthen your relationship, then you may try couples or partner yoga. The yoga poses involve meditation, mindfulness, twist, bends, and turns where you depend on each other. In the end, we learn that alone you can do so little, but together you can do so much.

Couples yoga can strengthen your relationship

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Partner yoga builds trust, intimacy, touch, enhances sex libido, and it’s fun as you. So you remain stress-free, build emotional and support in your relationship and you communicate better. Here is a look at some benefits and some partner yoga poses that promote them.

1. Couples yoga cultivates physical and emotional support in relationships

Apparently, when you do regular yoga practice together, you get engaged in the experience as you depend on each other to create poses. You support each other for balance, focus, and alignment. In fact, trying out a partner yoga class with your mate can help you feel more satisfied with your relationship.

And studies show that couples who engage in new challenging activities together experience a rise in relationship quality and romantic attraction. And it’s fun to learn new skills together as a couple since you spend quality time and have a shared experience. But, you may need a certified yoga instructor

Again, yoga improves mindfulness, which leads to happy relationships. Studies associate mindfulness and awareness of the present moment to higher relationship satisfaction. Whether you take five to seven breaths, forward fold, stand back to back, or lean on each other, couples yoga poses can make you feel satisfied in your relationship.

2. Partner yoga improves intimacy and sex life

Reportedly, many partner yoga poses may increase sexual arousal and satisfaction. Any couple experiencing sexual dysfunction may benefit from various partner poses. Partner yoga poses may involve taking five to seven breaths together.

Essentially, the second partner steps over his or her hips (like in a plank position) and legs crossed as you slowly lean on each other.

Besides, one person can begin in a forward bend facing the partner, lift one foot onto her hips, and follow with the other foot. Or, a couples yoga where one partner holds the partner’s shoulders in a stable and comfortable position. And the other partner faces the opposite direction, back to back with your partner in a yoga pose.

How Couples Yoga Will Strengthen Your Relationship TodaySuch partner yoga poses can increase intimacy. Additionally, you may focus on your partner’s feet, calves, and thighs as you do partner practice, breath, and maintain balance.

Still, you can do partner breathing to strengthen the core muscles, calm the nervous system, and boost sex libido. Such moves and partner poses may improve sex drive and intimacy.

In fact, many sex and counseling therapists have started including partner yoga in their sessions to improve sex lives and to enhance relationships. In the end, the partner yoga poses allow the act of moving together when practicing yoga which helps couples feel more tuned to each other. Plus, the touch and movement cause arousal that improves your sex life.

3. Couples yoga may help you learn to let go and have fun

When we take life too seriously, you may get tempted to offload burdens on your partner. It may be time to slowly begin partner yoga for physical and emotional wellbeing. Partner yoga is about learning to let go and enjoying life.

Partner yoga pause that may help where you grip your partner and maintain straight arms. Then, place one foot on your partner’s shoulder. This partner yoga exercise needs communication, strength, and trust. Plus, a willingness to have fun and let stress go.

Alternatively, you may sit with your back against your partner’s hips as in the child’s pose. Your partner will enjoy some nice tosh grabs, and inner hip stretches in proper form.

Or, from the regular chair pose, clasp your partner’s right hand in your own right, and reach both left hands back. Here, you enjoy a nice deep twist and smile as you return to the starting position.

4. Partner yoga creates a playground for intimacy

In essence, practicing in couples can bring your loved ones closer and increase intimacy. Specifically, if you have a dry patch in your family, partner yoga is useful. Or if you have a marriage relationship you want to work on.

In such times partner yoga creates a sense of fun and a sense of letting go. And it allows you to take yourselves and each other lightly. For instance, you can do Buddy Boat Pose. Here, you find a comfortable seated position facing each other, with knees bent and your toes touching.

Reach for partner’s wrists. Walk soles of feet together, grasp each other’s hands, and draw the knees into the chest. Keep the spine straight and chest open, then begin to straighten the legs.

Next, you may exhale, as one person does forward fold from the hips and the partner sits back in a boat pose. Then, keep the spine and arms straight. Hold for five to seven breaths. Relax, inhale, exhale, and have fun.

5. Using a certified yoga instructor may help improve self-awareness and trust

You may use certified yoga in couples yoga poses to help you go through some moves and poses. That way, you’ll develop trust and create a stronger relationship with much fun. The couple must maintain balance, alignment, and focus.

In learning to trust another person, you deepen your ability to trust yourself. Partner Yoga practice may uncover the beauty of interdependence as successful yoga involves mindset and meditation.

One way to build trust with the other person is the double plank pose. Here, you depend on each other to stay balanced as you inhale and exhale alternately. Then, lean forward and place your raised arm on top of your partner’s.

And, let your partner’s forearms and palms rest at the top of the shoulder blades. Gaze into your partner’s eyes and take four to five breaths. Let your partner keep her front core engaged for support and keep her back active for an energetic lift.

6. Partner yoga brings out the power of touch

Similar to a relationship, touch is an integral part of the partner yoga pose. In this case, let your partner take the bridge pose, with her hands under her hips and fingers plus thumbs pointing outward. Next, do your own bridge pose, with your shins outside hers, and knees slightly bent as your hands hold her ankles.

Then, you walk your soles onto her thighs near her knees and lift your hips forward, so you end into a shoulder stand. Or, extend your right arm and bring your right hand to your partner’s knee. Reach up and lengthen on an inhale and exhale, then one person folds forward with a flat back.

Find your partner’s hands/forearms between your legs and once you’re secured, let your weight shift towards the balls of your feet. And, you can face your partner’s chest in a standing position, legs straight with feet hip-width apart, and knees straight.

You may hold your partner’s arms in the same pose with your spine straight and pay close attention to your partner’s body. Exhale and twist to the right. Then, bring your right hand to the inside of your partner’s left knee and your left hand to the outside of your right knee/thigh.

7. Couples yoga practice promotes communication

To synchronize any partner yoga pose, you support, rely upon, and lean on your partner. So, you use verbal and nonverbal communication. In every partner yoga pose, you develop trust. Remember you’re always vulnerable and dependent on your partner.

And you must talk and listen to your partner or family member during the yoga practice poses. But minimize the verbal communication except for the grunts and the sighs.

Several partner yoga poses like the forward fold when holding opposite palms, or arms overhead in a seated position and legs crossed helps you communicate.

Or the back-to-back chair with the back to your partner, in a seated position while facing the opposite direction. And alternate the partner breathing as you inhale or exhale alternately.


In a nutshell, yoga keeps you healthy and strong. The touches, play, bends, lifts, grunts, and sighs may benefit you too. The practice makes you more attuned to your partner’s body, breath, and physical responses. But, it’s good to use a certified yoga instructor.

Several partner yoga poses and moves exist to fit different couples. They include five to seven breaths, three to five breaths, forward bend, boat pose, and wide-legged forward bend.

Others are the double downward dog, pigeon pose, deep breaths, child’s pose, forward fold, fold forward, plank position, and the back to back chair pose.

How Couples Yoga Will Strengthen Your Relationship