How Effective Are Exercise Loop Resistance Bands?

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King Athletics: Exercise Loop Bands

We’ve all heard of resistance bands and how you can practically create your own DIY gym with them, but what about exercise loop bands? You know, the bands that don’t have the handles?

But seriously, are they just as effective?

We got our hands on a set of King Athletic Exercise Loop Bands to see how effective they really were and if they would hold up throughout some intense yet simple workouts! Plus, check out an exclusive discount below.

Exercise Loop Bands: What’s the deal?

King Athletics Exercise Loop Bands exercise loop bands

King Athletic

“He who dares wins”

Overview: Looking for a better option than driving to the gym and waiting in line to use some weights? King Athletic Loop Bands might be perfect for you!

  • Practicality: 5/5
  • Safety: 4.7/5
  • Storage: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.9/5
  • Overall: 4.9 / 5


Any relatively economical product you can add to your repertoire to improve your home gym (while taking up minimal space) is tops in our book! It’s our DIY approach to getting healthy.

This type of equipment and efficient tools can help you exercise when and where you want – aka breaking free from the exercise norms. That’s why I’m so high on things like exercise loop bands. These King Athletic Exercise Loop Bands come in two different resistances:

  • Light (3 bands total): 5, 8, 12 pounds
  • Heavy (3 bands total): 16, 18, 20 pounds

Each set also comes with:

  • Carry/Storage Bag
  • Storage bag includes exercise examples
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ability to work out where and when you want

Let’s break down how and if these suckers can help you get fit at home in an effective, economical fashion!


What’s better than a DIY gym that completely fits into a practical storage bag the size of your palm? Just stuff that baby anywhere you have a free spot and your gym is put away! Plus, the handy storage bag has 9 exercise examples on it so you can get your pack of exercise loop bands and get started right away – no guesswork!


As with any exercise band, the bands can pinch you slightly. Likewise, these exercise loop bands can roll up your ankles (like when doing the exercise pictured below) and take a few of your leg hairs with it – this is more so for the guys out there. But this is pretty inherent in most resistance bands or loop bands out there!


These bands are seriously effective, especially since they give you 9 simple exercises to get you going (stay tuned for a full one workout with these exercise loop bands in the coming weeks)! From basketball shuffling to squats to bicep curls to tricep extensions, you can really get a good workout at home. Plus, with the 3 resistance levels, you can improve your strength and endurance progressively. Throw in some bodyweight exercises and cardio moves and you got a complete, killer workout! Not bad for a DIY gym no bigger than the palm of your hand, right? #KingAthletic

King Athletics Exercise Loop Bands Basketball Shuffle


At the end of the day, no matter what equipment you use, you will only get results if you use it!

For their economical price, the storage capabilities, and the overall effectiveness of these exercise loop bands you can’t go wrong!

Get yourself a set (or two) and start breaking free from the exercise norms all from the comfort of your home! Overall we give them a 4.9/5!

Want to get your own? Want a quick 15% OFF? Enter code: JOSH15 at checkout when you get your own HERE!

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