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Practical, Simple Weight Loss Advice

As a top nutrition pro in the world, Nate Miyaki’s no-bullshit approach gets results, like his program The Half Day Diet. In this exclusive DIY interview, he shares his doable weight loss approach!

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How to Simply Lose Your First 5lbs…

Constant hunger… Constant temptation… Sound familiar? Ready to take control? Well, we brought in the expert for you! Nate Miyaki’s programs take the confusion out of dieting – like The Half Day Diet.

You’ll see below as he discusses his simplistic, practical weight-loss philosophy!

How do you make nutrition easier?

Nate Miyaki: Feast Your Fat Away half day diet Honest, Doable Fitness AdviceNate has done everything from being a top fitness trainer in SHAPE, Live Strong, Men’s Health…etc. to be a widely popular fitness author. He knows how to get you results!

Nate simplifies nutrition with a three-pronged approach that can help anyone lose those first 5 pounds. The first one is for sedentary individuals to use a Paleo or caveman approach.

Cut out refined foods, eat more real natural foods and it will take you 90% of the way.

“For more active individuals, I favor adding some starch back to that template which ends up looking what I call more of a Japanese village diet.

Which is basically the same thing fish, protein, vegetables, and fruit with a little bit of starch coming from potatoes and rice.

So I focus on food choice first with most people and then the second thing is more getting into diet numbers and calorie counseling…”

For the advanced individuals, Miyaki says that then you can count calories or macros.

The third part of his nutrition philosophy is to make it sustainable…

Nate explained, “We can use a more sustainable diet structure that fits in with the natural social patterns like the three meals a day or eating more at night…”

So eat more real food, eat the right calories based on your activity levels and then find a diet structure that you can actually stick with.

That takes care of nutrition, what about fitness?

You can tell he really wants his clients to focus on nutrition first and then worry about exercise.

You always hear 75% of weight loss happens in the kitchen and Miyaki agreed, …Your nutrition plan is by far the most important thing you can do for your health, losing weight or anything.”

Often he recommends that people clean up their diet and start walking, that’s it!

Nate Miyaki: Feast Your Fat Away half day diet Honest, Doable Fitness Advice“No formal exercise necessary! People are shocked to hear that and they are shocked even more when they hear a trainer say that.

A lot of times, I will turn people away and say, you are not ready to train with me. You don’t need to train with me yet, all you need to do is improve your diet and walk daily.”

Nate gave an example that if people improve their nutrition and walk during their lunch break, they can achieve many of the results they want! How simplistic and doable is that approach?!

He went on to explain that for people wanting to increase their workout intensity, his primary focus would be on basic strength training via free weights and bodyweight exercises,

“I focus nutrition first, strength training second, and then walking as an additional activity. Very rarely do I focus on cardio-type activities even with women if their primary goal is to look a certain way.”

A.k.a. Ditch the countless hours on the treadmill… Doable for you?

By hammering down your nutrition plan, walking, and some basic strength training, Miyaki says all your goals are attainable!

Let’s make your diet as efficient as possible, right?

We talk about making your workout as efficient as possible and many of these ideas I’ve borrowed from Nate’s philosophy.

When it comes to training, “It’s all about efficiency and to me, if you focus on nutrition first you don’t have to spend 12 hours a week in the gym to get results. You can do a couple of strength training sessions a week and walk as an errand.”

You can get phenomenal results with the sustainable and reasonable plan, which is what I try to get people to focus on.

Where can we find you at?

“The best way to always get a hold of me is just through my website which is my name and then I got the social media thing going on the Facebook which you can find on my website those are all my name too, Nate Miyaki.”

Nate finished up by saying, “I always tell people right off the bat, start with the plan that isn’t a quick fix but something you look to sustain as a lifestyle plan and you will get much better long-term results that way.”

We’re 100% on board with his philosophy!


His approach is honest, doable, simple, and simply effective!

His ingenious programs help burn a little body fat all day long while you are only ‘dieting’ half a day… This makes it an approach doable for anyone!

Think you can handle that?

Check out his plan and see the results his clients are getting and start getting your own!

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Nate Miyaki: Feast Your Fat Away half day diet Honest, Doable Fitness Advice

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Nate Miyaki: Fitness Advice For The Best Ways To Lose Weight