Fitness Technology: How It’s Changing The Fitness World

fitness technology

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The Fitness World and Technology

We live in a digital world, and you’re probably very much aware of this fact. The digital revolution continues to make everything quicker and more efficient, from tablet-based ordering at restaurants, to GPS systems that find the quickest route and dictate it to you out loud, to microwaves that can sense the moment your food is warmed to perfection…

How the fitness world is changing…

Technology even has its place in the ever-changing fitness world.

It’s hard to believe that even the most basic exercise can be made better with a bit of technology, but it’s true: fitness and tech gurus alike have made so many strides in improving the quality and enjoyability of your workout — and that applies to just about any type of workout.

The following are four examples of how the fitness world continues to change under the umbrella of technology. You might just find some new tech to add to your routine to make it better than ever.
How Technology is Changing the Fitness World

1. Apps Can DJ Your Workout

At some point in time, exercisers broke a sweat while listening to the sounds of nature or, even worse, the bumps and squeaks of weights dropped and picked up in the gym. Then, we upgraded to radios, CD players, and, most importantly, MP3 players small enough to be wrapped around our arms.

You can take it even further, though, thanks to the many apps dedicated to helping you break a sweat. There’s so much variety to what you can find, too. Streaming services like Apple Music provide you with premade workout playlists full of inspiring tunes, while others curate tracks with a certain number of beats per minute so that you can keep a steady stride while you run.

Find the right app to suit your workout and let the music motivate you more than ever.

2. Virtual Exercise is a Viable Option

If going to the gym isn’t your thing, you’re lucky to live in the digital age: now, there are countless out-of-gym options that give you just as good of a workout.

For example, the Wii Fit exercise system came onto the scene and gave gamers the opportunity to make their video-gaming habits a bit more active.

It’s certainly not a replacement for traditional, more strenuous workouts, but some of the games can torch calories: boxing, for example, can burn up to 7 calories per minute. For newbie exercisers, it’s a great option to use as you work your way up to a tougher regimen.

There are also great options for kids. Aside from Wii Fit, which is great for all ages, kids will also get on their feet for the trio of NEOS systems by Playworld.

Each one combines the excitement of an electronic game with quick, explosive aerobic movements — kids who pl with it will be working just as hard as those who jog, play soccer, etc. In fact, they will boost their heart rates by an average of 20 percent, just by playing along.

3. Gadgets Give Workouts More Oomph

At some point in time, your physical education teacher probably taught you how to check your heart rate by counting the beats of your heart for 10 seconds and multiplying that number by six to get your beats per minute.

That’s obviously an inconvenience while you’re working out, and, thanks to technological advances, you can get a heart-rate monitor to do that for you. And, surprisingly enough, these contraptions often do more than just tell you how quickly your heart is pumping.

Brands like Fitbit make heart-rate monitors that also detect how many steps you take per day, how many sets of stairs you climb, and how well you’re sleeping. There are also products designed to virtually spot your form while you lift weights in case your gym buddy is unavailable to do so.

You can even invest in a GPS running watch that tracks your distance, tells you your splits, helps you create a running schedule, and gives you tips on how to achieve the faster time you dream of. With a bit of research, you’re sure to find an accessory to improve your workout, too.

4. Workout Classes are More Intense

The joy of a fitness class is that you’re more motivated to work out because an instructor and your classmates are watching you. However, it’s also easy to take things down a notch because you’re likely doing moves without links to technology.

Now, the option to slack off is becoming rarer and rarer as fitness gurus begin to incorporate more technology into their classes. Take, for example, the cycling classes offered at FlyWheel. Normally, you would increase your resistance and speed privately, but not at FlyWheel.

Instead, your speed and intensity are posted on a screen at the front of the class (you can opt out if you’re not ready to compete) to see who’s working the hardest. For some, it’s just the right amount of incentive to make for a tough workout.


Clearly, our digital lifestyles aren’t going to change any time soon.

This means you can look forward to more advances that will make your workout more enjoyable, more efficient, and perhaps even more effective.

Now, get out there and break a sweat with tech that inspires you to do more and be the best version of yourself.  

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Fitness Technology: How It\'s Changing The Fitness World