Workout Tips: How To Maximize Your Workouts

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Ready to Maximize Your Workouts?

Many people just go through the motions when it comes to exercise. It’s like they’re just there to say they went to the gym – we’ve all been there. This year it’s time to maximize your workouts with these awesome expert tips!

Let’s maximize your workouts this year

After months spent in fitness hibernation, indulging in delectable sweets and holiday feasts, it is no mystery why the top motivators behind New Year’s resolutions are fitness and weight loss.

Maximizing your workouts in 2016 will help you see results faster and stay motivated throughout the entire year.

Sonia Pantoja, a fitness expert, and trainer at Orangetheory Fitness, discusses 10 helpful tips on how to add a boost to your workouts and shares exercises that target problem areas and burn calories faster.

1. Practice high-intensity interval training

HIIT training is the holy grail of workout routines. Practicing HIIT sessions just a couple of times a week boosts your resting metabolic rate and gets your body into training shape much faster than a regular exercise regimen.

For example, the Orange Effect results in more energy, visible toning, and extra fat and calorie burn for up to 36 hours after your workout!

2. Hydrate with water

This is a great way to maximize your workouts! Water is one of the most important elements to ensuring a butt-kicking workout.

It not only gives you the energy you need to sustain the intensity of your workout, but it is also known to speed up your metabolism, flush out fat, and help keep you feeling fuller longer.

3. Mix it up

Doing the same workout routine every day will send you into a weight loss slump.

Your body will get used to the routine, and while it will get easier, it will, at the same time, burn fewer calories. Instead, switch up your exercises, incorporate new equipment, and amp up your weight. At Orangetheory Fitness, we mix up the routine each day to make sure you never repeat a workout – and never plateau.

4. Fuel your body in the morning

A healthy breakfast sets your body upright for the entire day. Instead of carbs, munch on eggs, avocado, and a handful of almonds in the morning.

Starting your day with protein will help you burn more efficiently and program your body to burn fat for the rest of the day.

Maximize Your Workouts Pinterest 2 Maximizing Your Workouts5. Practice good form

Each exercise is designed to work your body in a specific way. When practicing good form, you will be getting the most effective workout that targets the correct muscles. In addition, poor form is a foolproof way to hurt yourself.

Taking weeks off to recover will only make it more difficult to accomplish your goals.

6. Don’t run away from cardio

While many people dislike cardio because of its monotonous and tedious reputation, it is an essential factor in weight loss. Instead of dragging your feet all the way to the treadmill, try a cardio routine that you will enjoy so that you will have the catalyst to stick with it.

Pick something that excites you, whether it is running at the park, walking with a friend, swimming, biking, hiking, or even rowing.

7. Eat your carbs

Ready to maximize your workouts? Low-carb diets have been all the rage in the past, but this craze is not continuing into 2016. Carbs are our body’s primary source of fuel and without them, you will not be able to feed your high-intensity workouts.

Carbohydrates should make up 45%-65% of your daily caloric intake in order to keep you feeling energized.

8. Chow down on protein

Protein is one of the macronutrients that your body needs on a daily basis, but it is especially important when you are practicing a regular training routine. It helps repair your muscles after a long workout and allows them to grow to get you into tip-top shape.

For best results, sip on a low-carb, low sugar protein shake of your choice within 45 minutes of your workout.

9. Don’t be afraid of heavier weights

While still practicing good form, lifting heavier weights will make for a more effective workout and help you see results in a shorter amount of time.

While it is a common misconception that increasing the weight you lift will lead you to bulk up, it actually helps to burn fat and burn even more calories after you leave the gym.

Rather than bulking up, lifting heavier will help you tone; I’m especially talking to you, women!

10. Skip the restful breaks

When you take breaks between exercises, your heart rate has a chance to slow down and return to normal. This slows down your calorie burn and does not maximize your workout.

Instead, opt for a shorter workout – go, go, go for a steady 45 minutes – and still see the results you want.


Following these 10 tips will help you accept the challenges that come with achieving your fitness goals and make 2016 the year you stick to your New Year’s resolution.

It’s time to maximize your workouts this year!

Sonia Pantoja is a Certified Personal Trainer and Coach through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). She specializes in weight training, strength and conditioning, weight loss and is earning a certification in injury prevention. Sonia has a true passion for fitness, motivating others and supporting them through their journey to a healthier lifestyle. When she's not coaching at Orangetheory, Sonia can be found cheering on her children at all of their sporting events.
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