How To Succeed With Your Fitness Goals

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Are You Ready to Succeed?

We all want to succeed – no one likes to fail. When it comes to your success, we need to take the road we’ve never traveled before to get the results we’ve never had! Check out these tips that are sure to help you succeed on your fitness journey.

Succeed like never before

At one point in history, “take the road less traveled” was considered unconventional wisdom. It definitely sounded original, risky, and progressive. Robert Frost has made this uncommon advice extremely popular, but times have changed, and today, it can be considered impossible.

Nowadays, on your journey to the future, you do not have a choice between the road less traveled and the road more traveled, because no one has experienced the future you will experience. Your only option is the road never traveled, where there are no road maps, no road signs nor travel guides showing you the way.

Your future needs to be created, and you have two choices – create it by yourself or let someone create it for you.

“The future is not someplace we are going to, but a place we are creating” – John H. Schaar

How to Succeed Take the Road You've Never TravelledSo you’ve decided to get in the best shape of your life – good – you’ve successfully taken the first step. But getting started is the easy part, staying on track is a completely different story.

Research from UC Berkeley has revealed that nearly 70% of people who own a gym membership don’t actually visit the gym.

Beginners are often discouraged by the idea of so many lifestyle changes, and in order to cross the finish line, you have to stay focused and determined. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot get some help along the way. This is not a set of authoritative rules, these are just simple instructions.

The point is not to follow anybody’s rules, but to create your own, and maybe these suggestions will help you to develop a full set of personal rules.

Plan As Much As You Can Ahead

Success in your fitness journey will only come if you have specific goals devised from the start, backed by a plan and a structure. Most first-timers go to the gym and just stand around, wasting their valuable time. In order to make the most of your time at the gym, consider investing in a training program.

By doing this, you’ll always know what you have to do as soon as you enter the gym and you’ll ensure that what you are doing is tailored to suit your level of experience.

Don’t Set Out Alone

There is a world of difference between trying out the rules of the gym on your own and having an expert explain everything. More importantly, an experienced personal trainer will show you how to use the equipment and carry out the exercises properly, so you progress faster and avoid injuries.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, there are over 260,000 personal trainers in the United States, and while there are bad trainers out there, after a while, you’ll certainly find someone to help you fulfill your fitness goals.

Get the Right Gear for Your Personal Needs

How to Succeed Take the Road You've Never Travelled succeedWhile old-baggy t-shirts are fine, think about spending a couple of dollars on a good brand of technical wear. This may cost you anywhere between 50 and 100 dollars, but most quality bodybuilding clothes will last you for at least five years, so in reality, you only need a couple of good pairs.

Also, find shoes that are comfortable to move in and feel comfortable to wear. If you only have a pair of old ones, then invest in a new pair. The last thing you want is a slip and an ankle injury at the very beginning of your fitness journey.

Be Specific About Your Goals

Goals are essential, and you need to be precise and set measurable goals that you can check routinely and actually achieve. The best thing to do is to start with outlandish, long-term goals, then set intermediate ones, and finally have short-term, weekly behavioral goals that you can activate and tick off as your progress.

Furthermore, these week-to-week goals will keep you going to the gym even when your motivation is lower than usual.

Wrap-Up: Detours are Unavoidable

The main takeaway is to avoid rigid rules because they’ll prevent “side trips” that often lead to new discoveries. When it comes to fitness, strength, or any other kind of training, most people want to get to the destination as soon as possible.

However, the reality is detoured always happen and most of them are not planned. Scheduling conflicts are bound to occur, and sometimes you’ll be forced to de-intensify your routine.

Fortunately, a recent Plos One study has revealed that even 30 minutes of exercise per week helps you stay in shape.

Always have a backup plan that will help you stay on track and get back to your regular workout routine as soon as your plate is clear.

Mathews is a fitness advisor and passionate weightlifter. He's hooked on healthy living and eating. He is specially interested in nutrition and workout supplements. To see more Mathew's health tips follow him at Twitter.
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