Longevity Diet: Secrets to the Japanese Life Expectancy

japanese life expectancy

Longevity Diet: Japan #2 in Life Expectancy

Did you know that the Japanese have the second highest life expectancy in the world? Japan is the only big country in the top five longest-living nations. The rest (Macau, Monaco, San Marino, and Singapore) are city-states. The average life expectancy of a Japanese is 85 years. Japanese women live up to 88 years on average and Japanese men live up to 81 years on average. But how? Find out…

The Japanese’s Longevity Diet

longevity-diet-the-secrets-behind-the-japaneses-longevityWhat is remarkable is that they live disability-free and relatively healthy for up to 75 years. Plus, there are low rates of adult obesity, cancer, and heart disease in Japan. How do the Japanese do it?

The Japanese’s high life expectancy can be traced to their longevity diets, of which the Okinawa diet is the most well-known. The Japanese diet is frequently referred to as the iPod of food.

The Japanese concentrate the energy of food into compact and pleasurable sizes. Their dishes are often beautiful and eye-appealing. Compared with other developed nations, the Japanese eat fewer calories per day and per bite. Their diet has a low-calorie density:

  • They eat real rather than processed food
  • Their diet is high in certain carbs (grains like rice, noodles), fish, and vegetables…
  • …and low in saturated fats and sugar
  • The Japanese eat less meat and dairy compared to other developed nations
  • They have smaller desserts
  • They have smaller portions

To prevent overeating, the Japanese also practice eating in moderation. They stop eating when they feel 80% full (this is known as Hara Hachi bu). Unlike fad diets in the West, there is no food demonization or severe food restriction in the Japanese diet.

The Japanese Stay Healthy & Active Longer

It is also common for Japanese people to walk and cycle and they are less reliant on cars.

There are many community groups and neighborhood associations that organize communal walks, tai chi, yoga, etc. And the Japanese go out more to socialize due to their smaller houses.

Many Japanese also opt to postpone their retirement or have second careers and continue to work after retiring.


Follow the Japanese’s longevity diet and lifestyle habits and you can live a long and healthy life like them too!