Make “Me Time” A Priority

me time

Scheduling in Me Time?

Whether it’s the time from your career or if you’re a super busy parent, we all need some “me” time to help us decompress and gain some clarity. Andie drops by to tell us how she found her “me” time and how it has made all the difference!

Me Time is a Must

Do you ever wake up exhausted? Like you just roll out of bed tired and you are immediately bombarded with demands on top of the fact that you’re already spent at it’s not even 7…  Mom!!!

Where are my shoes??  (By the door where you left them, after being told repeatedly to put them away…) Mom!!!! What’s for breakfast??? (You’re capable of pouring yourself some cereal), Honey!!! Did you iron my shirt? (Yep it’s hanging in the closet… if not no, but the iron is in the closet next to the iron…)

Some days I just want to go back to bed with a good book and maybe some chocolate and not move all day long. Don’t Judge!

But really, some days it takes courage to get out of bed and face the day!

But over the last year or so I am starting to make some small changes that have made all the difference… I now wake up ready for my days and face them not as a beaten-down victim (at times that’s how I felt) but a woman with energy and gumption to tackle and make the most of my day! I found my work/life balance by putting myself first, by doing so I became more proud and happy to be ME!

Women need solitudeSettle down… Putting yourself first is a good thing! By taking care of you! You are able to be more balanced.

Taking time for you helps you to take care of those who so desperately need you and expect so much from you! I LOVE this quote because it is so true!

We as women are givers by nature we give, give, give, and typically don’t ask much back in return. So taking time to focus on ourselves, helps us to reset the scales of our lives and enables us to be in balance yet again. When I first started setting aside real-time for myself I felt guilty…

I’m a mom; it’s in my DNA to feel guilty. But I knew that I was either going to have a nervous breakdown or feel like a wreck all of the time if something didn’t change! I had to set aside time to put myself in timeout so that I could re-balance myself.

So find your jam, whatever it is that makes you feel like YOU!

Not Mom, Employee, Boss, or Wife or whatever seems to be taking the most from you. For me taking time every morning to work out is exactly what I need to find my daily balance.

Driving to and from the gym by myself gives me time to think and enjoy quiet solitude. Once I’m at the gym, my earbuds go in and I work out the frustrations and problems that have been weighing me down.

This time by myself brings me peace and energy to face and conquer the day ahead.  Sometimes I sleep in and miss the gym and my day becomes disconnected and I feel “off” …

This seemingly small act that I do on a daily basis has made all the difference in my life!


Some of you might think I’m the mayor of crazy town… wake up early and go to the gym! CRAZY lady! And that’s OK!

Find whatever it is that makes YOU happy.  Find something that gives you a chance to feel refreshed and ready to give back!

It might be taking a little nap, reading a good book, taking a walk alone… WhatEVER it is, take time finding those moments to be alone with YOU!

Take those moments and cherish them. Just as much as you cherish those moments when the kids are all behaving and being lovable! 😉

Andie is a busy Mom and fitness enthusiast. In the midst of raising 3 adorable kiddos, she created Maybe I Will (her blog) to share her health and fitness tips, drool worthy recipes, and killer workouts! All designed to help you be the best YOU possible! Find her on Facebook,  TwitterPinterest  and Instagram  for more healthy recipes and healthy living tips!
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