How Does Exercise Improve Mood?

how does exercise improve mood

Boost Your Mood The Easy Way

It’s so easy to be in a bad mood these days – ask my loved ones! 🙂 One thing that always seems to cheer me up and boost my mood is a good, stress-reducing workout! Find out exactly how exercise can boost your mood below!

Seriously boost your mood today

We all know that getting regular exercise is important to help keep us in good health and physically fit, but most people do not realize just how much regular exercise can help to improve our mood and state of mind.

Making sure you exercise often has massive benefits for everyone, regardless of age, sex, or physical abilities.

The massive benefits of regular exercising, are incredibly hard to ignore once you appreciate how much it can help you.

Here are some ways in which exercising can boost your mood:

1. Helps you to control your weight

Boost your mood medical billsThough this technically falls under the category of helping to keep you physically fit, having a healthy weight goes beyond that. Being happy with your body weight increases your confidence, helping you to feel more comfortable in your skin which impacts your happiness level.

Being more pleased with the way you look can also affect the way in which you deal with other people and how assertive you are in areas such as work and education.

2. Reduces the risk of medical conditions arising

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we begin to worry about health conditions that we may potentially be diagnosed with, things like cancer and diabetes are high on this list of concerns.

These worries are amplified in instances where there is a family history of medical problems.

As we get older, these concerns become more real and more frightening, therefore, regular exercise is ideal.

Exercising helps to reduce the risk of things like some cancers forming or diabetes becoming an issue, though this does not completely alleviate the concern of being diagnosed with these medical problems, it at least eases your mind to know you are do something to help reduce these chances.

3. Increases your energy

When you exercise regularly you will find that you naturally have more energy throughout the day.  Having more energy not only makes you feel better but also improves your patience levels and the way in which you interact with other people, helping you to form better quality relationships.

All of this makes you feel better in yourself, happier in your life and more motivated in things like work and studying.

4. Improves your sleeping habits

NapExercising is extremely beneficial in helping to improve your quality of sleep. When you exercise your body will help you to fall asleep much quicker and enable you to go into a deeper sleep, so you wake up feeling well-rested and ready to start the day.

Getting regular and quality sleep greatly improves your mood, helping you to feel more energetic from the start of the day.

5. Enhances your sex life

When you look and feel more attractive your sex life automatically improves, therefore regular exercise will help you to maintain a healthy sex life with your partner. To add to this, exercise has been proven to help reduce erectile dysfunctions in men and can lead to enhanced arousal for women.

A healthy sex life naturally improves your mood, making your relationship healthier and both you and your partner happier.

6. Improves your state of mind

Depression is still quite a taboo subject, those who suffer from it often don’t speak about it, believing that it makes them appear weak.

This means that a high number of people suffer from depression and never seek medical help, going undiagnosed in their condition and therefore unsupported by doctors and family, and friends.

Exercising helps to reduce depression and other mental health issues such as anxiety as when you exercise your brain releases a chemical known as endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling in the body (similar to that of morphine).


Once you begin to exercise regularly and start enjoying all of these benefits, you will find your mood is greatly improved and you will feel motivated to continue exercising.

Why not boost your mood, right? The people you live with will thank you for it! 🙂

Izzy is a university student who loves photography, dance, and everything that involves physical activity (especially Zumba and running). She is also a fan of healthy eating habits and browsing the web for news on this subject.