5 Ways to Stand Up to Life When You’re Mentally Exhausted

mental exhaustion

Recharge When You’re Mentally Exhausted

We all get mentally drained from time to time – it just happens. Check out our 5 ways to help you stand up to life and live life on your own terms and not be mentally drained! It’s time to take charge and move forward!

Mentally Down? Get up

Overwhelmed? One day is great, the next is crap? One day you kill your workout and feel on top of the world, the next you are your own worst enemy.

You know what I mean, you slip up (maybe smash some junk food out of the vending machine), and then it’s on. Like an avalanche racing down a slope, your mind kicks into overdrive and beats your ass… and it doesn’t just have to be in relation to fitness or nutrition.

Hell, it can be about literally anything. Am I going anywhere?

How much deeper can this rut get? Screw it, I’m out! It happens – daily!

It’s not necessarily that bad stuff happens all the time; it can just be a series of little things that add up! When it comes to creating that mindset that puts you in favor of winning (instead of beating yourself up) let’s look at 5 ways to get back up and move forward!

1. Go to Bed Worry Free

Yeah right, that’s a lot easier said than done! Trust me, I know how hard this can be but when you fall asleep with great thoughts then not only will you sleep better but you have a better chance of waking up with great thoughts!

Read a passage out of your favorite book (don’t read Where the Red Fern Grows… unless you want to cry… severely), watch some funny stuff on YouTube, or even pray to whatever higher power you believe in! The point is, to go to bed happy. Go to bed happy, wake up happy – got it?

2. Clear Your Morning Mind

Even if you didn’t hit the hay with the best mindset you can still start the day off right by dumping that junk first thing in the morning.

Before your feet even hit the ground, think of all the good things you got going for you and in the words of Billy Chapel, “Clear the mechanism”.

This will help dump some of the stuff you’ve been carrying with you and maybe lighten your load!

Stressed3. Beat Yourself Up, Physically

When you are completely restless over some decision or you feel you let yourself down because you had a slip-up, then it’s time to exercise.

Pop in the earphones, crank up the death-metal or whatever you listen to, and get lost in the movements for an hour. This is huge because it releases some of your pent-up energy and helps you relax!

4. Get Motivational

So you’re down, like low-low-low! What’s a person to do? How about listening to the most motivational stuff you can find or look at some seriously motivational quotes?

Yeah, this may sound like a cheap gimmick but trust me, jump on YouTube and look up some of the motivational music/quotes on there. If that doesn’t ramp up your energy and motivate you, then you don’t have a pulse….it’s good stuff!

5. Be The Change

Unhappy with your current situation? Unhappy about where your health is going?

Well, it may be time to make a big change that takes you in another direction! Need to hire a trainer to bust through your fitness goals but are simply are scared of failure?

If you’ve dealt with the same results over and over then it’s time to make the change that gets you on a new path – a path towards reaching your goals!


There you go – 5 ways to help you get out of that mental funk!

Now I’m no “mental guru” but these 5 practices seem to always help get results.

As long as you believe in what you are doing then you can reach your goals – it’s time to get started!

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