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Finding Fitness Focus

The non-stop texts… Changing up your jams… Taking 15 mins to chat with your workout bro… How many times have you “killed” a workout for an hour but felt like you hadn’t actually pushed yourself? It happens to us all and it’s because we multi-task while we work out.

Multi-tasking can kill a workout before it’s even started. Even though you feel like you’re really putting in the time, that might be all that you’ve done, put in the time – AKA wasted time.

If you really want to get the most out of your workout, STOP multi-tasking. If you are going to multi-task do it during your workout by super setting everything with little to no rest between sets.

The clutter that you add to your workout can stop you from toning muscle and burning calories because it allows your heart rate to come back to its’ resting state (obviously, be cleared by your physician before doing any strenuous workout).

To get the most out of your workout, you need to keep your heart rate elevated at an optimal state throughout to blast the most calories.

I’m not making this up. Many people call it the afterburn effect or EPOC and it’s real. You can read all you want to about it here or here. I’ve even written about it in TRAIN Mag before.

In truth, it’s not even about that. It’s about getting inefficient workouts that don’t take hours on end to complete. It’s about being efficient with your time when you don’t have any to spare. It’s about fitness focus.

The shorter you can make your workouts while keeping them highly efficient, the more likely you are to continue to perform them.

It’s not rocket science. Getting the same results in a 20-minute workout that normally takes you 60 minutes while you “multi-task” is a good idea, right?

Not only will these shorter workouts keep you motivated, which is what it’s all about, but they will also get results! Results plus motivation equate to a very strong combination.

Try this next time if you’re working out at home. Instead of plugging in your phone for some serious jams – I swear I don’t hate technology I’m just all for unplugging – turn on the radio, leave the phone in another room and allocate 20 minutes to a mind-freeing, hard-ass workout. If that’s too hard, make a conscious effort to pick a playlist and stick to it without constantly reverting back to your cell.

Give it you’re all. Don’t be distracted. Go at it. Once you finished, you can jump on IG and post about it (selfies for days) but leave that time for you. That’s the time for you to improve yourself. That’s the time for you to be unconnected. That’s the time for you to truly be at one with yourself… Mindless.

Mindless as in you’re only concentrating on the movements, your body, the reps, the feeling of getting stronger, the lactic acid.

That’s the time to truly expand yourself.

Give it a try.

If you need help, drop us a line. We will work to find you the answers you need even if it isn’t through DIY Active. It’s our purpose, to help you find your true health happiness!

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From the Founder: Fitness on Focus