Moving Out? How To Make Your Move A Workout

Moving Out How To Make Your Move A Workout

Working Out While Moving Out?

Moving from one home to the next is a time-consuming process. People usually spend months packing and preparing for the big move. Moving out is definitely not an easy or fast task… Well, let’s make your move a workout!

Moving out can be a killer workout

With all of the time that needs to be spent organizing, packing, cleaning, and moving, it can seem like there is no time left over to get in a formal workout.

Finding time to workout on a regular schedule can be really difficult, let alone when you are moving out.

While you may not have time to go to the gym and get in your normal exercise routine, there are several ways you can turn the moving process into a very good workout.

Take Breaks to Be Active

Moving Out How To Make Your Move A WorkoutDuring parts of the process of moving, including packing and unpacking boxes, you will spend longer periods of time sitting rather than standing or getting your heart rate up.

During these periods of time, it is important that you take at least a five-minute break every hour to move around. This can include running in place for a few minutes, doing a few yoga poses, or doing some jumping jacks.

You also could try to do everything you need to either standing or squatting if you are really feeling up for it. That way you can get everything you need packed and spend a good amount of time toning your legs.

Then, if you are really lucky and have some extra time, you could do a full-blown workout to help tone your muscles and sculpt your abs.

You could even let that be a motivation for you to try to get things done faster.

Move Furniture Yourself

When moving from one place to the next, many people hire professional movers to move everything out of your house, into the truck, and into your next home.

While companies, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, excel at these services, you are giving away some of your best calorie-burning opportunities. When moving, you should try to move as many objects into the van or moving truck by yourself.

While you should try to leave the heaviest or most delicate items to the professionals, moving heavier pieces of furniture can burn a surprising amount of calories in short periods of time.

Taking the time to help and work with the moving company to move heavy objects can be a great way to get your weight lifting in for the day. Lifting big boxes and furniture is definitely going to be a good way to tone your leg and arm muscles.

Moving Out How To Make Your Move A WorkoutStretch

Most importantly, when you are moving, it is important that you stretch. When moving you will put your back and leg muscles to work in ways that they are not used to. Furthermore, during the more sedentary times of the moving process, you may spend time bending over boxes.

If you are not properly stretched before, after, or during any of these processes, it could cause an injury. Be sure to stretch at the beginning and end of the day and whenever you feel stiff during the day.

If you have time you could also do some yoga to help get rid of any back pain you may be experiencing. Taking a few moments to relax and stretch in yoga can definitely pay off. Especially during a move. Moving definitely requires an extra amount of bending over which can be really straining on your neck and back.

Luckily, if you take time to stretch you shouldn’t be able to feel the consequences after a short while.


Moving from one home to the next can be a time consuming process, which can kill your workout time…

While you may be pressed for time, there are several ways that you can safely turn your move into a workout and burn a surprisingly high amount of calories.

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Moving Out? How To Make Your Move A Workout