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Your Office Health Breakdown…

Sitting at one’s desk for long hours has always been a problem for office workers, but computers have extended the number of times individuals sit in one position significantly. This position can lead to back and neck problems, as well as a “round-shouldered” posture that detracts from the appearance. Find out how to overcome these office obstacles!

In need of office health tips?

Although we all can get in a daily grind and forget the importance of good posture to your health and your ability to adequately perform your job duties.

It may not seem as noticeable at first, but poor posture can lead to more serious and debilitating back injuries.

It’s important to pay attention to your work habits and see if you need to focus more on your posture in the future. Here are four strategic exercises that can help relieve the strain from sitting in one position and can help strengthen supporting muscles for better posture.

Office Health: 4 Exercises To Avoid The Desk Slump1. Chest Stretch

You can help strengthen the muscles of your chest right at work by using a wall to push against for leverage.

Extend your right arm and put your hand against the wall. Turn your body to the left and lean slightly forward, until you feel the stretch of the muscles in your chest and shoulder. Your arm should be in line with your shoulder as you do this stretch. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Do 3 sets on each side of the body.

2. Shoulder Stretch

Many activities at one’s desk involve bending forward to use the arms, causing curling of the shoulders and shortening of chest muscles.

To remedy this problem, stand with feet about hip-width apart. Bend your elbows into right angles with palms forward and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Form small backward circles with the hands and arms. Repeat for 10 seconds several times each day.

3. Spine Aligner

Maintaining a sitting position all day can lead to chronic back or neck pain. A chiropractor can help relieve the discomfort from long periods at your desk. Simple exercises throughout the day can also be helpful.

Stand with your back against the wall, with heels touching against it. Shoulder blades and buttocks should be in contact with the wall surface. Your lower back should curve away from the wall naturally. Tilt your chin downward, and place the back of your head against the wall, imagining that a string is pulling the back of your head upward. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat several times each day to improve posture.

4. Sitting Yoga To Relieve Muscle Tension

This exercise is a variation on a yoga position. It can help to relieve tension and improve circulation in the back, arms, and hands.

Office Health: 4 Exercises To Avoid The Desk SlumpSit tall and straight in your chair. Inhale a breath, and lift your arms toward the ceiling with palms facing. Relax your shoulders, ensuring that they stay downward, away from your ears. Spread fingers wide, and close into fists. Repeat 6 times. Exhale and lower your arms.

Taking Control of Your Health

You may be thinking that it might be hard to find time to fit these exercises into your work schedule, after all, there’s always so much work to do.

One of the more obvious solutions would be to complete these on your lunch break, or If you’re allowed short 15 minutes breaks throughout the day. Depending on your job and job duties, you could also perform these exercises at various times throughout the day while still competing with your job duties.

If you notice a certain time of the day where you are more tired or groggy, and your posture lacks because of it, that may be a good time to focus on completing these exercises and strengthening your back muscles.


Although these exercises are a good start to maintaining a healthy posture, they may not be enough for your needs.

Bad posture can cause intense pain and decreased productivity!

Pay attention to your body and what it needs. If you do think you need the advice of an expert, consider talking to a professional chiropractor.

You can take active steps to maintain good posture, no matter how many hours you spend at your desk or in front of a computer each day. These exercises will help your upper body to look better and feel better.

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