5 Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Life

Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Life

How Can I Incorporate Exercise Daily?

Whether you can’t find the time to fit exercise into your busy day or you hate working out, there are easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Here’s how!

Incorporate exercise into your daily life…

By taking the things you already do and adding fitness, you can work out just about every day of the week without even noticing.

1. Walk-Run Errands

This gives “running errands” a whole new meaning. Next time you’re out and about at the grocery store, laundromat, and bank, make a point to speed-walk or jog.

incorporate exercise in your lifeDo your errands on foot or by bike as much as possible. If you have to drive everywhere, get in extra steps by taking the steps instead of the elevator, parking your car at the back of the lot, and doing an extra lap around the store or mall.

If you’re toting a little one, leave the stroller in the car and carry him or her instead! It’s easy to get a little extra exercise daily by focusing on adding a few extra steps in here and there.

You may also be able to influence your friends to do the same and will then be able to hold each other accountable each day.

2. Avoid the Shopping Cart

Unless you have a massive grocery list, get rid of the cart and carry your items in your arms or a basket. You’ll give your arms a workout while picking up the necessities.

To carry everything out to your car and into your home without it breaking through those weak plastic bags, bring along two or three reusable canvas shopping bags. If you only have a few light things to pick up, grab something heavy first, like a bottle of soda or a big can of tomato sauce, and walk around the store carrying it until you’re ready to checkout.

Again this is a small way that you can add exercise into your daily routine and help to tone your arms. You’ll be surprised by the difference you notice when you carry your groceries around the store instead of pushing them in a cart.

It will help you get exercise easily and may help you make your shopping trips shorter too.

3. Do a Mini-Workout First Thing

Before you have your morning coffee, squeeze in a five-minute workout. Do some crunches, hold a few simple yoga poses, or do squats while your shower warms up. Even if you do nothing else for the entire day, you’ll feel better knowing you got a tiny bit of exercise in.

Working out in the morning will also set your mood for the rest of the day, making it easier to eat healthily and maybe even go for a longer workout later on.

Turning fitness into a habit is the most important thing for maintaining it long-term.

4. Treat Rover to a Few Extra Minutes

Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily LifeIf you have a dog, you may not even realize that you already work out twice a day. Putting your pooch on a leash and taking him out in the morning and evening is a great opportunity to squeeze in not just one but two workouts every single day.

If you add just fifteen minutes onto each walk, you’ll have worked out a total of half an hour by the end of the day. That’s pretty good for simply doing your duty as a responsible pet parent.

5. Engage in Your Favorite Pastime

You may be surprised that one of your favorite pastimes is actually a great workout, too. If you’ve always loved swimming, you can turn it into a workout with a swim spa.

Athletes love swim spas because they help with things like endurance and strength. Hydrotherapy can help repair joint damage, too.

There are all types of fun pastimes that can be used for exercise, like bike riding, playing catch, or horseback riding.


Yes, hitting the gym for one hour six days a week is a great way to stay in shape.

However, the absolute best workout is the one you will do.

Exercise needs and levels are different for every person, so it’s important to recognize what level you’re at and what your specific needs are. Remember it doesn’t have to be a competition with anyone else, just yourself. Any form of exercise is beneficial to your health, so take it nice and easy at first if you want to.

By finding enjoyable, pain-free ways to exercise regularly, you’ll stay healthy and fit without much effort.

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5 Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Life