Sports Massage: Boost Your Health, Recovery and Immunity

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Get Boosted With a Sports Massage

Romeo contacted me a few weeks ago saying he had an article regarding sports massage. I’ve always been a big believer in the powers of massages and know that they can be a helpful tool to have at your disposal. Check out these benefits of a sports massage from our guest author this week!

Time for a sports massage?

Most elite athletes are familiar with the main benefits of a sports massage. But do other people, who do regular exercise, need to get this type of massage?

Research has shown that the benefits that professional athletes derive from this Swedish style of massage can also be enjoyed by anyone who wants to keep fit and live a healthy life.

Here are some of the important facts you need to know about how this therapy boosts your recovery, health, and immunity.

Sports Massage Boost Your Health, Recovery and ImmunityMassage Promotes Good Health

Studies have shown that sports massage makes your muscles soften and improves your range of motion. According to Lorraine Western, a sports therapist, who has a master’s degree in Sports Injury Management, regular sports massage corrects imbalances and increases the flexibility of tight muscles.

She also said that it boosts the circulation of all body fluids and allows your muscles to make better use of oxygen and other nutrients. In fact, some techniques also promote a better heart rate and improve lymphatic drainage to ease any congestion in your muscles and remove waste products.

An Aid to Faster Recovery

A sports massage can aid the recovery of muscles after a workout or any strenuous physical activity. Recent research published by the Journal of Athletic Training showed a 30% decrease in muscle soreness due to exercise.

This has also been supported by a study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine which showed that massage led to a significant reduction in fatigue. A review of 27 research studies, at The Ohio State University, showed that this therapy can alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Therefore, when you are experiencing any sports injury, pain or fatigue in your thighs, calf muscles or any other part of your limbs, a sport massage will help to remove the pain and quicken recovery.

Build Up Your Immunity and Endurance

A recent study conducted at the McMaster University and led by Mark Tarnopolsky, a renowned exercise scientist, revealed more about the impact of sports massage on participants, who went through an exhaustive exercise. The researchers used high-tech tools to probe into the molecular and cellar workings of the muscles.

They found that 10 minutes of massage brought about a remarkable decrease in inflammation and increased mitochondria.

Sports Massage: Boost Your Health, Recovery and ImmunityIn a similar study done in Hong Kong, participants rode on treadmills (like most people do at home). But the subjects rode until they were exhausted.

Then sports massage was applied to one leg after they had rested for 15 minutes. The second leg was left untouched.

The therapists from Hong Kong noticed that after about two hours, mitochondrial biogenesis had increased beyond what was expected. The mitochondria act as engines inside the cells.

They boost your endurance and immunity because they help cells to use oxygen more efficiently. This study showed that mitochondria were increased due to massage beyond what normal exercise could achieve.


Sports massage can help athletes and non-athletes to enjoy faster recovery, better health and boost immunity.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, consider making this a regular part of your routine. Sounds relaxing!

Romeo Demes is a passionate writer and fitness enthusiast who is doing his best to live a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys playing sports like basketball or football with friends in his free time. He lives by the principle “No Pain,No Gain” and has a special diet – eating 100% clean during the week and having cheat meals on weekends.
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