Mental Health Tips: 4 Ways to Ask for Help

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Staying Mentally Healthy

Developing anxiety about asking for help is a scary state to be in. Being too anxious to ask for help can lead to a lot of problems. It could cause you to miss catching serious health issues early on. Asking for help can be the key to staying mentally healthy!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Asking for help should always be something that you are willing to do…

That way you can make sure that you and the people you love are getting proper help as soon as possible.

There are times when it is crucial to have help from others, especially if you or someone you know is struggling with stress or mental health issues.

Below are four ways to tackle the problem of having anxiety and fear over asking for help below.

Open Yourself to the Bigger Picture

It is important to remember and realize that fear has the power to control lives, holds back important work needing to be done, and halts the creation of positive results and growth.

Coming to the realization that fear has a paralyzing effect is the first step to shedding it and being able to ask fellow for help. Also, knowing fear prevents lessons and help from other people that results in inefficient, ineffective, or undone work is the first step in conquering it and allowing one to move ahead.

In addition, the realization that asking for help, lining up decent resources, and getting the work done with help from professionals is the best path to follow, and it will help people with problems asking for help to move onto the next steps in conquering their pride or anxiety.

According to James Hayton Ph.D., it can be catastrophic to ignore stress and early warning signs, so it is important to begin seeking help.

Staying Mentally Healthy 4 Ways To Ask for HelpFace Your Fear

You cannot defeat an enemy you don’t know.

According to this study, in order to face the fear, you need to make a list of the triggers associated with you and how they hold you back in life and asking for help. Being honest with yourself is key. Being introspective and honest with yourself will open doors.

Honesty is a powerful tool. Just make sure that you acknowledge your fear and do all that you can to face it. If you can push yourself to ask for help at first it can make it a lot easier in the future.

Give Yourself Permission to Be You

Do not try to be anyone else in the pursuit of asking for help and dealing with your fears. False bravado can make you crack and lead to other problems.

You need time to mentally prepare yourself to ask for help, and there is no need to build yourself into something you are not because if you do, then you are creating a house of cards. The house can easily come tumbling down before you are able to talk to a professional.

It can also lead to you getting the wrong kind of help. In other words, when you finally get the help you need, you will be an open book and more receptive to the correct treatment.

Ask or Hire the Right Kind of Health

People often overlook the support and resources they already have because of fear and anxiety, so create a list of all the resources and support in your life. Do not leave anyone out that helps suppress the fear.

Next, determine what resources you need to acquire to begin getting help. Consulting a social worker, preferably someone with a master’s degree in social work, to help sort and tackle problems, including referrals to doctors and assistants is a novel idea.

It is their job, and they are very valuable in acquiring resources and referrals.


When it comes to staying mentally healthy, the four things listed above may seem overwhelming, but they really are not. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. It is actually something that you can be proud of.

Because of extremely stressful circumstances or mental health issues, it has become a growing problem where people are afraid of asking for help.

Fortunately, education and articles like this can help you overcome your fears and get the help that you need.

Don’t let your fear overcome your ability to get the help that you need. By overcoming your fears and asking for help you can help prevent a lot of serious health issues and even worse problems.

It may be kind of scary, but it is definitely well worth it in the long run.

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Mental Health Tips: 4 Ways to Ask for Help