The 3 Best Fitness Studio Management Software Platforms

The 3 Best Fitness Studio Management Software Platforms You Need Now

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The 3 Best Fitness Studio Management Software Platforms

We’ve got a list of the best fitness studio management software platforms you need to check out right now. If you’re using something else, you should seriously evaluate one of these other options as they’ll save you time, money, and help you get customers.

What we evaluated was all-in-one. No one has time to go to multiple places to do several things! You need everything in one place. Fitness studio management software helps you:

  • Manage clients
  • Send marketing emails
  • Track purchase history
  • Manage staff
  • Automate booking
  • Get more customers
  • Process payments
  • and more!

1. Yottled

Yottled Best Fitness Studio Management Software

Yottled comes in as our number one for fitness studio management software. Yottled makes contact management, tracking, and marketing so simple – you’ll quickly think you’re a business genius.

It’s easy to see how Yottled can live up to its promise of increasing sales by at least 29% and saving more than 20 hours per week in administrative overhead. You’ll quickly consolidate tools, reduce spend, and get more customers with a simple and delightful experience for you and your customers.

2. ZenPlanner

Best Fitness Studio Management Software ZenPlanner and Yottled

Shout out to ZenPlanner for their incredible, all-in-one approach. They have everything you can imagine you’d need to manage your fitness studio from payroll to memberships. It’s simple, easy to use, and claims it can increase your annual revenue by 20%.

We’re hard-pressed to find any faults with ZenPlanner which is why they’re our number 2 fitness studio management software, especially if you have staff you need to support and pay. It’s a fantastic and robust platform.

3. GloFox

Best Fitness Studio Management Software Glofox and Yottled

GloFox is simple, easy to use, and helps you manage every aspect of your business. You’re able to manage contacts, convert them into leads, send marketing campaigns, and more. It’s everything you’d expect out of a focused all-in-one fitness studio management software.

We did find that there was limited information with the CRM provided in reports and also memberships could be a bit wonky to edit. Other than that, it was a delight to use.


Ready to find out how much this is going to cost? Let’s dive in:

  • Yottled starts at $49/month per employee
  • ZenPlanner starts at $117 per month for up to 50 active clients and moves up from there
  • GloFox starts at $110/month although their pricing is not publicly disclosed


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The 3 Best Fitness Studio Management Software Platforms