The 3 Pre-Workout Keto Diet Tips

keto diet tips

Tips for Staying in Ketosis

Many critics of the ketogenic diet argue that lowering the number of carbs you consume is not good for exercise. Although our body usually uses carbs as a form of energy, there is no saying that athletes cannot be in ketosis and still get amazing results from their exercise regimes.

Try these tips for staying in ketosis

Ketosis can improve your overall performance, but to do it right, you need a good pre-workout regime too.

Here are three helpful keto plan diet tips for staying in ketosis while exercising.

1. Combining Exercise with the Ketogenic Diet

While exercising, ketosis aids in burning fat faster preserves muscle tissue and gives you more energy. To do this effectively, you should follow the ketogenic diet to a tee, including lowering your carb intake.

3 Pre-Workout Tips for Staying in KetosisIf you are consuming more than 20% of your calories in the form of carbs, you may find that you do not get the best results. When you do eat carbs, ensure that you are consuming them in the form of vegetables like kale and broccoli.

It is also best to stick to strength training or low-intensity cardio when you do choose to exercise, as this has been found to be most beneficial for those on the ketogenic diet.

2. Consume Fat

Before you exercise, it is a good idea to eat fat. This means that your body will then use this fat for energy.

It gives your muscles the much-needed fuel to burn more fat and to complete your workout easier. One simple way to get fat pre-workout without the need to eat a meal is with Bulletproof Coffee.

This form of coffee is loved by so many on the ketogenic diet and also provides you with a caffeine fix too, so it’s a win-win for remaining in ketosis.

3. Use Supplements

Whether you make your own, or find a ketogenic friendly pre-workout supplement shake, using supplements to get the best out of your exercise regime is recommended when in ketosis.

Often our body needs a little helping hand to get what we want from our workout and this is where using a keto pre-workout supplement comes in handy.

There are six main keto supplements that provide you with energy, helping to improve your endurance and burn fat at a quicker rate. It is essential that you purchase supplements that are keto-friendly, or you could find yourself eating more sugar than intended.

You can eat foods containing many of the ingredients needed for a pre-workout, but it can be tough to work out on a full stomach, and it is difficult to truly measure how much of each ingredient you are getting.


Caffeine is your best friend when it comes to workouts as it can give you more energy to burn more fat.

Although some supplements contain caffeine, often it is best coming from the source. Many people worry that coffee isn’t ideal for the ketogenic diet, but it is more what you add to your coffee that is the problem.

This being said, you can also consume too much caffeine which can then reduce the number of ketones your body produces, so you have to be careful to get the right balance. Save your daily coffee for before your workout so you can use your caffeine hit wisely.


Staying in ketosis is a hard task, and although following the diet should help, following these pre-workout tips ensures that you do not ruin all your hard work. The most important thing to take away is to use keto-friendly supplements only.

Always check the label before purchasing any supplements as there are often other added ingredients that could kick you out of ketosis.

The 3 Pre-Workout Keto Diet Tips