Tips for Making a Healthy Grocery Checklist

Tips On Making A Healthy Grocery Checklist

Your Healthy Grocery Checklist

Your list is incomplete! It’s been a week since you started writing your grocery list and as of now, the only thing you have on it is snacks and salt. You don’t even have any food listed on this paper! How do you expect to go grocery shopping if you have no idea what you need?

Making a Healthy Grocery Checklist

This is a common problem for some people. They put off writing their grocery list until the night before they go shopping. By that time, they are tempted to just pick up random items or buy things that are on sale but not necessary at all.

This article will give you pointers on how to write a better grocery checklist.

The Difference Between a Shopping List and a Grocery List

People often get confused when it comes to shopping versus buying groceries. While you can make a Venn diagram for the two, these two things are not the same, so don’t get them mixed up.

When you go shopping for groceries, you look for items that can provide nourishment and food for your family. Your healthy grocery checklist should be straight to the point and only contain the necessities like bread, eggs, milk, meats, and other perishables.

When you go shopping for general merchandise, you browse through different types of items that may or may not be on sale. You can buy anything from clothing to beauty supplies while you’re out doing your errands.

Start Out By Just Writing the Basics

The first thing you have to write on your grocery list is the basics – items that can provide nourishment and food for you and your family. These include bread, eggs, milk, meats, etc. This should be a good reminder of what you need to look for in the grocery store. You can also add items that are not perishable, like shampoo and razors.

Tips On Making a Healthy Grocery ChecklistIf you need a quirky checklist app that looks good on screen and can be printed on paper, try Venngage.

Keep Your List Handy but Be Careful What You Write On It

Don’t make your checklist template too bulky to carry around when you go shopping. A good idea is to print out two copies of your grocery list and keep one copy in your car. You can also use your phone to keep track of the items you need for groceries.

Keep a List of Items That are Out of Stock

When you make your grocery template checklist, write down the items that are out of stock so you won’t forget to get them next time you go shopping. This will keep you from running back and forth to the grocery store every time an item runs out.

Avoid Writing Random and Useless Items On Your List

There are grocery lists out there that contain snacks for between meals, sodas, and chocolates. If you have plans on writing down these items, don’t bother. These items just take up space on your list and are not necessary for your shopping needs. It’s better to only write down items that really need to be replaced.

Don’t Be Afraid To Cross Out an Item You No Longer Need

If you’re keeping track of your grocery list on a phone, tablet, or in an electronic notepad, you can always delete items after crossing them off. This way, the list won’t get bulky and you will avoid unnecessary clutter.

Stick To Your List And Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items

When you go shopping for groceries, avoid browsing through magazines and clothes racks. If you see something that is on your list, buy it but if not – move on quickly. Do not waste time buying items that are not part of your grocery list! Doing so will hamper your shopping and you’ll end up buying way more than what you need.

Don’t Forget Necessary Grocery Accessories

Make sure that your grocery list includes essential grocery accessories like fabric bags, paper towels, and toilet paper. These are not items that you typically buy every week but when they do run out, you will be glad to have a list of their own that you can easily check.

Don’t Forget To Prioritize Your List

Before you go shopping, prioritize the items on your list. This way, you will not waste time in deciding which item needs to be bought first. Instead of stressing yourself out when at the grocery store, just follow your prioritized list and walk around casually while doing your grocery shopping.

With all of these tips, you should now be able to write a better grocery list. Don’t let yourself forget the items that you need and just keep in mind the pointers we’ve given you above and you will surely have an easier time doing your grocery shopping.


Grocery shopping is an essential part of every week for most households. A healthy grocery checklist will help save time and money plus it will keep you efficient on what you need to buy. Grocery lists are even more important if there are more people in your household or if you have a busy schedule.

A good grocery list is the one that reminds you of what you need to buy. You can download an app or use a notepad but whatever method works best for you, ensure that your list will keep your efforts organized and on track.

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Tips for Making a Healthy Grocery Checklist