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Weight Loss Secrets… control your health?

Getting healthy and losing weight isn’t rocket science, but damn it can be hard! It’s all about doing the appropriate tasks over and over until they become a habit! There are no all-encompassing weight loss secrets – it is a series of steps and progressions!

When it comes to losing weight, it all starts at home…where you spend the majority of your free time. It’s all about consistency and sustainable practices; NOT right-now-at-this-minute results (although that would be nice)! What’s the point of losing 5 pounds because you didn’t eat all week (talk about miserable), to gain 10 the next week because you let yourself go? Sounds terrible and bloating actually….

Weight Loss Secrets to Get Your Started

Check out 5 Pro weight loss secrets to start losing weight at home! While they may seem obvious, they must be secret because no one seems to follow them!

Start committing to the weight loss secrets and I guarantee you will lose weight over the course of a month! Let’s get real:

1. Going Natural Leads to Nutrition Success:

This is probably the biggest of the weight loss secrets! It doesn’t get any simpler than this, but this can be a difficult thing for many people to deal with! Start eating more NATURAL foods…weird, right?

Wait, you mean eat more natural foods instead of highly processed foods for weight loss? Uhh…100% YES!

This is seriously one of the biggest things you need to take control of! Start dropping the high-process foods and terrible carbs (GOOD carbs are great at helping you lose weight)! This also means that you need to drop the SODA! Soda is a fat pill; it is useless calories that only add to your mid-section!

If you are still drinking soda and wondering why you aren’t reaching your goals then you need to reevaluate your priorities!

Pro-Tip #1a: When grocery shopping, go Green Face. This meaning ONLY buys products that were once green (plants) or had a face (high-quality proteins). And no, things like Funyuns aren’t made of onions; look on the ingredients list to see just how much crap and highly processed junk is thrown in there before buying!

Pro-Tip #1b: Makeover 90% of your meals AT-HOME! This may be a hard one but it is crucial! This way you know EXACTLY what goes into your meals… no second-guessing the ingredients this way!

2. Stay Active to Create Sustainable Weight Loss:

Weight Loss SecretsThere really is nothing more hypocritical than someone who says they desperately want to lose weight and get in shape but just simply don’t put in the effort…

Being lazy definitely won’t help shred the pounds; it will keep them packing on!

At its most basic form losing weight is simple: burn calories than you use. One way to do this is to simply be active EVERY DAY! If you want to get results, you won’t get them on the couch no matter how many “miracle” products and pills you buy!

Pro-Tip #2: Stay active for at least 45 minutes EACH day! These 45 minutes are crucial to help you burn calories, increase your exercise capacity, improve your heart health, improve bone health…etc. it’s HUGE!

Plus, it can simply be briskly walking uphill for 45 minutes…you can crush 500 pounds doing that! It doesn’t have to be what we commonly think of as “exercise” either! It can be hiking, cleaning your car, playing football…etc! Simply put: just get up and move!

3. Create the RIGHT Calorie Deficit for YOU:

We just hit on this big guy in Secret #2. When you create a calorie deficit, it is all about creating the one that best fits your lifestyle! You’ve heard before that if you create a calorie deficit of 500 a day, you lose 1 pound a week. But honestly many people can’t create a 500 calorie deficit automatically… it’ simply too hard.

That being said, you have to know yourself. The best thing about failing in the past is that you know exactly what DOESN’T work for you.

You know that you can’t create these huge calorie deficits (aka feeling hungry 24/7) and still stay on the plan. So you must know yourself!

Pro Tip #3: Start with a small calorie deficit of only 100 to 200 calories a day. That is basically dropping out a soda from your diet (with all other things remaining the same) and a junky snack if you are close to creating a calorie deficit.

That little change can add up to 10.4 – 20.8 pounds lost over the course of a year! That is huge! So know yourself and know what calorie deficit will be EASY enough for you to stick to! Give it time and watch it change your body.

4. Strength Training is the Key for Complete Health:

Seriously, stop doing the constant cardio and totally negating the weights. Cardio is great, but when that is ALL you do you are really hurting yourself!

Weight Loss Secrets DumbbellStrength training is huge. Not only does it burn a bunch of calories, but it also helps you burn calories long after the workout is overdue to the EPOC effect, it increases your strength and therefore your overall quality of life, it improves your cardiovascular strength, and it actually increases your bone strength (aka you are fighting osteoporosis)!

Pro Tip #4: If you hate weight training, you can wean yourself into it by simply performing 3 full body workouts a week. They can be pretty simple and quick. Start with 5-6 exercises that in total work the entire body and perform for 3 sets. Keep the intensity high and you will do just great! To start creating your workout program go to AAA Exercises to choose from dozens of at-home exercises.

5. Control Your Weekends to Control Your Weight:

There is no doubt in my mind that this has killed numerous diets out there! You lose a pound by working your ass off the entire week. Five days of sweat, cussing, salads, and eating perfectly to lose 1 pound.

Fast-forward Friday night through Saturday through Sunday without much regard to your nutrition or exercise…. and you gain 3 pounds! Three pounds in two friggin days! It’s enough to make anyone say, “Screw it!

If you are serious about losing weight, if you are serious about getting healthy, if you are serious about losing those 15 extra pounds you must control your weekends! Weekends are fat’s favorite way to cling back to you!

Go ahead and eat that double cheeseburger… go ahead and have that extra margarita…go ahead and not exercise today! Fat is a jerk!

Pro Tip #5: Pull yourself together and take control of your weekends. Yes, you can still have fun and unwind but have a plan! Have a plan that puts you in the right situation to make the proper healthy choices.

Likewise, make sure your family and friends are on board and won’t enable some terrible eating or pounding of booze! Don’t get me wrong you can enjoy yourself, just remember this word; MODERATION!


Look there really are no weight loss secrets – just sustainable practices! Remember that one of the most important things you can possibly do is JUST START!

Start on a program that can help you get results. Start cleaning up your diet. Start being active. Start having more DAMN self-confidence. Start living the life you deserve.

Start reaching your true potential!

Weight loss secrets: the truth is the ONLY person holding you back is yourself!

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