Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Butt Ever

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Butt Ever

Get the Best Butt Ever…

It has now become official: buns are getting all the attention. There is no doubt that best butt training is getting famous when it comes to the ideal physique. Women are all hoping that they can attain firm and strong glutes and will try countless methods just to improve them. Let’s look at how we can achieve that!

Working on your best butt ever?

One of the most prioritized muscle group today is the Gluteus Maximus.

Strengthening this muscle group will not only provide you with a toned butt will make you capable of executing safer exercises at the gym. Plus, it helps you protect your lower back from any potential injury.

best butt everHowever, this does not only apply to women. It is also relevant to men. Everyone deserves to have better buttocks! But, how will you do it? Here are some tips to have a perfect butt.

Focus More on Leg Training

Some women realize that their butt lacked the full and rounded form they want. But only a few know how to work on their glutes properly. It is also pretty challenging to have a whole workout designed for the glutes.

You see, deadlifts, lunges, squats, and hip thrusts can strengthen your hamstrings and quads.

The solution here is to do two leg days each week. The first leg day focuses on the entire leg workout. The other leg day will work on the bikini booty you want to achieve.

On these days, you need to concentrate on the types of exercises you have to do. By doing this method, you will make serious progress, especially on your buttocks.

Hit the Gym Prepared

When you go to the gym, you better be prepared! You do not need to follow a single set exercise. However, what is vital here is not to show up in a fitness facility without a solid plan in mind. Plus, make this plan attainable each day. Do not ever make a plan that is too difficult to fulfill.

Also, make sure that you eat your meal before you train. You may also drink a fast-digesting pre-workout snack to maximize your energy in the gym. You do not want to hit the gym confused, hungry, and unprepared.

Gym-goers obviously want to work on their buttocks real hard!

Squat Deep and Wide

When you execute a movement such as a barbell squat, you need to emphasize your glutes as you adjust to your proper form. You must place yourself in a wider stance or a hip-width proportion. By doing so, you are allowing yourself to use your glutes more than doing the narrow stance.

When you want to perform a Smith-machine squat, you need to kick your feet properly out in your front. You do not want to keep your feet directly below your body. It will put more definition on your glutes.

But, how deep shall you squat? Well, it will all depend on the level of your hip. Also, you must take note of your lower back mobility and stability.

You need to go down to a point where you bend your knees 90 degrees or in a ”parallel” position.

Perform Glutes Strengthening Cardio Workout

Women tend to keep more body fat on the thighs and hips. Thus, your butt can become stubborn when you try to make it look the way you want. You do not need to continually do your workouts on cardio machines, but you need to allocate three days a week to do your booty-strengthening cardio.

You may execute this at least 30 to 40 minutes each exercise session.

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Butt Ever

End Your Routine With Burnout Supersets

When you are planning to wrap up your lower body exercises, you need to include a superset burnout combination. Do not expect this to be easy and fun, especially doing this only a few times. Thus, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

On your usual glute day, you may pair a workout like the one-legged deadlift with a wide-stance jump squat. You may do this on your supersets. When you perform cable kickbacks, you may superset with a reverse lunge and a side lunge. You see, executing your lunges with the leg connected to the cable will make the exercises intense and exhausting.

Another excellent pairing would be tuck jumps and hip thrusts. But, overall, you just need to widen your imagination!


To shape up, tone and lift your glutes, you need to shed off some unwanted fat on your hips and butt.

You may do this by combining intense strength workouts and a healthy diet. After all, everyone wants glutes that look good in everything from jeans to bikinis. So, you need to work on it!

The process may be long and tiring, but it will pay off with your toned best butt ever!

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Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Butt Ever