Top Cities for Fitness Centers

Top Cities for Fitness Centers

Top Cities for Fitness Centers

Staying in shape and keeping healthy is something that almost everyone wants. If going out and about is one way to keep active, then the long haul of staying in our homes and social distancing we’ve just experienced has certainly made this goal even more important.

Top Cities for Fitness Centers

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it is that we can work out in our homes to stay fit. However, the social component is also vital to our wellbeing, and many have missed exercising at a gym.

But where can you best lead an active and healthy lifestyle? Are all cities tailored the same to cater to this need? According to a recent report issued by STORAGECafé, a nationwide self storage marketplace, your location greatly influences how active and healthy you can get — some cities can help you more than others to get a workout in or to stay in shape.

To determine the top cities for fitness centers, the first 100 most populous US cities were considered. The analysis took into account several factors to measure which cities can support an active lifestyle, such as gym accessibility, walkability, bikeability, health, weather, and outdoor conditions.

The last of these includes park space per capita, days with precipitation, beach availability, and air quality index as submetrics. Self-storage was also included, as sporting equipment is commonly kept in storage.

Southwest and Southeast get top grades for gym access

Cities such as Irvine, CA, and Long Beach, CA, scored well across the board for providing an optimal environment for leading an active lifestyle. However, it can also be important to consider some specific ways that promote physical activity and health.

The outdoors typically play host to most activities that help us stay in shape, but fitness venues can help achieve your goals regardless of the season or weather conditions.

Besides taking a bird’s eye view on what makes a city fit, the report also zooms in on how well cities fare in terms of fitness venues — numbers of gyms per 10,000 people and the cost of gym membership were considered to create a composite score.

Boasting great weather for being outdoors most of the year, Tampa comes first for exercise venues and gym membership cost combined. Locals can stay in shape year-round indoors if they prefer to work out there.

The high accessibility of gyms in Tampa comes in handy during summertime when excessive heat makes it hard to exercise outside.

There are about 2.9 gyms/10,000 people in Tampa, more than double the national average of 1.2 gyms/10,000 people. Moreover, joining a gym here costs only about $27/month.

Tampa isn’t the only Florida city to make it into the list of best cities for gyms, as St. Petersburg also ranks high. When they aren’t enjoying the sunny and warm weather outdoors, locals can work out indoors.

Top Cities for Fitness CentersSt. Petersburg claims more than 2.1 gyms/10,000 people. Besides ranking high for gyms, St Petersburg is also among the top 20 best cities for active lifestyles overall.

Orlando, FL, is another Sunshine State city that fares well when it comes to offering gym access to their residents. As the city has grown into a magnet for young families, fitness venues are there to help them keep active and healthy lifestyles indoors if they wish to do so.

There are about 2 gyms/10,000 people in Orlando, and going to one will cost you around $32/month.

Southwest Top Cities for Fitness Centers

Long Beach, CA, which happens to be the second-best city to lead an active lifestyle in the country, also made the cut due to its gyms. People there like to stay active, and if they wish to move their exercising indoors, they easily can — there are about 2 gyms for every 10,000 people. The cost of a gym membership hovers at around $28/month in this Californian city.

If you live in Scottsdale, AZ, you’re very likely to be able to stay fit indoors, as the Arizonan city ranks very high for this category. There are about 3.5 fitness venues/10,000 people here, more than double the national average.

Additionally, going to the gym here will cost about $33/month. As Scottsdale fares very well in terms of community amenities within apartment complexes, you’re very likely to be able to work out without leaving the premises if you’re a renter.

Arizona seems to be another state that likes to promote indoor fitness, as Chandler, AZ, is also featured on the list of cities that shine when it comes to gyms. It’s not surprising that Chandler distinguishes itself for its indoor exercise venues, as it came second nationally for its premier renting experience, amenity-wise.

The city boasts about 1.6 gyms/10,000 people, and for close to $24/month you can get a membership — one of the best prices for this in the country.

The Southwest is well represented when it comes to the top cities for fitness centers, as Henderson stands out as a fitness center-friendly city. An up-and-coming suburb of Las Vegas, Henderson has been popping up on other national rankings too, thanks to its splendidly outfitted rental communities that also feature gyms.

In fact, there are about 1.8 gyms/10,000 people and you might end up paying, on average, $28/month to exercise at a fitness facility there.


Were you surprised by the results? What city do you think should have made it?

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Top Cities for Fitness Centers