Travel Planning for Your Summer Fitness Event

Travel Planning for Your Summer Fitness Event

Have a Summer Fitness Event Planned?

Summer is coming, and that means that there is a whole slew of summer fitness events available to you. Are you ready to go? Ready to plan the travel for your summer fitness event?

Your summer fitness event…

From marathons to biking to fun runs, summertime means fitness adventure time for many people looking to put their fitness to the test or do something fun that’s also a great workout.

Whether fitness is your life, or you’re new to the fitness thing, there is a perfect event for you somewhere this summer.

In order to prepare, start researching your perfect event, be organized, plan your travel, find your lodging, and turn your summer fitness event into a summer adventure.

Find your event

Before anything else, decide what type of event you’re looking for. Do you want an event for biking, a competitive event, a fun event, an event connected to a charity, or one in a specific location?

Travel Planning for Your Summer Fitness EventMany popular marathons or competitions require you to register for the event ahead of time, but do your research and find an event that fits your goals. Obstacle courses, yoga retreats, dog walks, lifting competitions, bubble runs, and family fitness events are all widely available.

Of course, you don’t have to travel in order to take part in many of the great fitness events this summer, but it’s true that some of the best events may be located elsewhere.

However, if staying near home is a priority there are sure to be many local events near you.

Be prepared

Some of these events require you to be physically prepared before you participate, so decide what your event is going to be as early as possible, just in case.

If your event is a marathon, for instance, you may want to start recording your distance and get your body ready for that commitment. Consider tracking your improvements with wearable fitness technology in order to track your progress and ensure you’re ready.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to getting your body ready for certain events, and even professional athletes are utilizing sports technology to track their fitness.

Know what your event is asking of you and be sure your body can handle it – it’s half the fun of finding an event, after all! It’s a great way to challenge yourself and watch your hard work pay off.

Travel and lodging

If you’re traveling for your event, plan out all the details from departure to return in order to keep yourself organized and on the right track.

For those who work in the fitness industry, you may be able to use this event as a part of your business. If you’re a personal trainer, you can discuss training your client for an event and traveling with them.

You may be able to write off many expenses including gas, as long as you are tracking your mileage. If you’re road-tripping your way to your event, plan some fun stops along the way.

Plan a route that offers fun stops or fitness stops, bring plenty of water and healthy snacks, and plenty of upbeat playlists to get you and your road trip partners ready for the event.

If you’re flying, pack light and plan to buy snacks in the airport so you aren’t stuck eating something that won’t jive with you before your event.

Planning your lodging for your event really just requires you to check rates and book a room ahead of time – just keep in mind that if this is a popular event, hotels may fill up quickly.

Decide based on your own preferences when finding a place to stay. Location, price, and whether or not each establishment has a gym are all aspects to consider. You can also choose to camp, stay in a hostel, or stay in an Airbnb.

Have an adventure

Turn your summer event into a mini-vacation and have an adventure. Whether you’ve been to the location that your event is in or not, decide to spend some time there and experience some local food and history.

Plan an extra couple of days and do something active on your trip like hiking a new area, camping for a few nights, or doing some rock climbing.

Bring the family and plan a trip to a nearby waterpark. Rent an RV with the family and combine camping, lodging, and vacationing in one on your way to your fitness event – just be sure to keep your dog safe and happy on the ride should you choose to bring them.

Some events even cater to pet owners and allow pets to participate with their owners.

Some great fitness events around the U.S. this summer include:

  •         The Color Run – Broad demographic – Multiple locations
  •         Spartan Race – Reasonably fit demographic – Multiple locations
  •         Rock ‘n RollMan Triathlon – Fit demographic – Macon, GA
  •         Wanderlust 108 – Broad demographic – Brooklyn, NY and Washington D.C.


Warm weather and longer days make many of us want to spend more time outside and many summer fitness events fulfill that need to be outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Many communities embrace health and fitness and utilize it as a way for communities to come together.

Whether it’s for a non-profit, for fitness, for raising awareness, for pets, or for family, there is a fitness event near you somewhere this summer.

If you’re looking to travel for an event, just be sure to find the right one for you, prepare, get your travel in order, and make an adventure out of it.

Take some extra days and enjoy the time away while staying healthy and active.

Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in beautiful Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. She enjoys bike rides with her pup, relaxing with some yoga, and drinking fruity wine.
Chelsy Ranard
Travel Planning for Your Summer Fitness Event