You Need To Know The Signs Of A Good Workout

signs of a good workout

Take Your Workout Up a Notch

So how do you know if your workout is at the right intensity? Check out these simple tips for knowing when to ramp it up and when to take your workout to the next level!

It’s time to crush your workout

A human body has limits and it is vital to remember those limitations while exercising. Even if you are well-experienced, your body still has certain limitations. While your trainer is telling you to work harder, you should always take your time because the body needs time to adjust and adapt to hard workouts. Pushing your body beyond your limits can result in some severe injuries.

That being said, working out below your ability can be frustrating as well.

Are you hitting up the gym but not seeing any results? It makes spending your cash on equipment such as punching bag, dumbbells, etc. a waste of money.

Here are some tell-tell signs that should indicate that your workout needs to take it up a notch. Time to increase the intensity and therefore get those results you’ve been missing!

No Longer Getting Sore

Weak Workout? Signs That Tell You to Intensify Your WorkoutWhen your body is comfortable with your workout routine, then you aren’t pushing yourself to the max. It can often happen when a person keeps doing the same workout for an extended period. It is better to mix things up if you want to achieve better results. If you are lifting, do not just stick to one weight continually while it gets easier and easier. Try lifting heavier and test your limits. Every week go for heavier weights (with fewer reps), and you will see the effects of the workout.

Not Losing Weight

If your weight hasn’t budged in months, then you need to change a few things. It is important to monitor your diet carefully. If your goal is to burn fat, then you will have to adjust your diet and exercise. You can burn a lot of calories by doing a high-intensity workout using sparring gloves. Running can also help decrease body fat.

Not Breaking a Sweat

If you are working out for an hour and aren’t sweating, you need to add some intensity to your workout. A workout is useful when you break a sweat and there is a spike in the heart rate. Workout in a way that keeps your heart rate elevated for an extended period of time (high-intensity circuits are great for that).

If You Can Continue

If you are doing your last rep and you still have the energy to go for another rep, then it is better that you do just that. If you are unable to finish it, it’s okay but you should try it. Failing will tell you that you have reached your limit. It will push you to the limit and burn more calories and help you test the limitations of your body. It also helps in getting faster results.

Weak Workout? Signs That Tell You to Intensify Your WorkoutInteracting While Working Out

If you have the energy to chat with your friend during the whole routine, then it means that you are working out at a moderate intensity. A good, hard routine drains the energy from your body.

You can use a heart-rate monitor and use it to check whether the workout is increasing your heart rate. If your body is not feeling tired, then you need to increase the intensity.

Running Faster

If you are a runner, then it is important to improve the speed with every interval. Running at the same pace means that you are not adding intensity to the workout. You can increase the running speed by adding some high-intensity cardio exercises. It will improve your fitness level significantly. You should make one of the weekly runs at your sprint intervals and work on your speed.


Look, it’s time to take your workout up a notch and get the results you’ve never gotten before.

Between monitoring your heart rate and perspiration, let’s take it up a notch! 🙂

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