Weigh Yourself: 5 Reasons to STEP OFF the Scale

The Scale = Emotional Roller Coaster

Trust me, I know you’ve been there if you are trying to lose weight; you are constantly weighing yourself and stepping on the scale daily (or even 2-3 times a day) to see if you are reaching your goals! Doing that can be incredibly depressing…talk about the weight on your shoulders!

Stop taking that tiny step towards madness and step off the scale! Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t weigh yourself EVERY day:

Weigh Yourself, Less

1. Your weight fluctuates too much

Weigh yourselfOne day you are down half a pound and the next you are up 2 pounds…What the #$@&!! You didn’t even overeat or eat junk food?!?

This is one of the main reasons to stay away from the scale on a daily basis; your weight fluctuates due to things like water retention (among other reasons) throughout the week and even throughout the day.

2. Weekends cause fluctuations

You can work so hard during the week only to be undone by a very bad weekend! You lose a pound over the week but gain 3 during the weekend! Talk about pissing a person off!

It’s best to avoid weighing yourself directly after the weekend (for instance, on Monday) for this reason. More on that later…

3. Tiny weight loss isn’t appreciated

You know exactly what I mean here! You lose 1/3 a pound and you are excited, don’t get me wrong, but you feel like you should have lost EVEN more! You don’t fully appreciate the small improvement and the small steps you are taking towards your goals!

4. Tiny weight gains are blown out of proportion

On the other hand, when you gain half a pound (or LESS) you are pissed and feel disappointed in yourself. These tiny fluctuations just sort of ruin your day. “How did this happen? I was doing so friggin’ good!” It gets blown out of proportion BIG TIME!

5. Psychologically draining

The consent emotional highs and lows that you experience every day due to stepping 2-3 inches onto that tiny platform can totally determine your outlook for the remainder of the day! That tiny platform is actually an emotional roller coaster waiting for you to jump on! When this happens daily (or even multiple times a day) it can really drain you!


Try this instead: weigh yourself only ONCE a week on Friday (bi-weekly is even better). Also, make sure each time you weigh yourself it’s around the same time during the day to keep it more consistent.

So for instance, weigh yourself every Friday when you get out of bed and this will ensure that you get over those weekend fluctuations and some of the daily fluctuations.

Doing this will make the tiny up-ticks and down-ticks disappear and provide you more of a linear representation of your weight over time!


The scale, that tiny 16in X 16in the platform, can be scary. Some people are literally afraid to take the 2-3 inch step to get on it; they are afraid of what they will see… yet they continually do it every single day!

Stop depending on the scale! Stop checking it every day!

Instead, give your emotions and mind a break….only step up on that emotional roller coaster once a week! You will thank me for it!

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