8 Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Form Sucks

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Signs Your Form Sucks

When it comes to fitness, not-so-obvious signs may seem normal, but the reality is that they communicate a lot. People who value fitness consider a well-defined form to be crucial to their endeavors.

How to tell if your form sucks

Fortunately, some of these signs are easy to correct if the concerned person does not overlook them.

But first thing’s first, you need to know some of these not-so-obvious signs that show how your form sucks.

1. Sore Joints and Ligaments

It is normal to have painful ligaments and joints once in a while, especially if you train harder than usual. But it is not good if this happens repeatedly.

8 Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Form Sucks

The body’s muscles and bones should absorb impact appropriately and pain should not be felt when one gets used.

2. The Urge to Get a Massage or Foam Roll

This is a big sign of inflammation. The movements that a person is making may be the cause in this case.

The easiest thing to do is to change exercises until you find some that cause the opposite of this.

3. Feeling Sore at All Times

It is obvious that a lifter or extreme trainer will feel some low-level soreness in their muscles. It should go away in less than a day or before you know it at all.

However, it is a sign of a significant problem if there is a constant and persistent soreness that goes away after a couple of days.

4. Frequent Respiratory Infections

As the body gets deep into fitness, a person should not contract frequent infections.

Exercise is an immunity booster, so having the opposite shows that there is a problem. You need to have a check-up by a doctor.

5. Indigestion

Extreme training can be a cause of indigestion and other digestive tract problems. But according to studies, extreme indigestion that persists after every training session shows that things are amiss.

Therefore, you should see a medical practitioner.

6. Long Warm-ups

It is highly recommended that people should engage in warm-ups before they start lifting weights.

But no one has told you to make the warm-up so long that the duration is similar or more than that of the lifting. Whether you are using Steroidsfax steroid or any other reputable steroid, you will not get the best results.

7. Always Aiming For Quantity

As weird as it sounds, most lifters are concerned with doing more sets in a session than the quality of their workouts. Aiming for quantity makes you forget about the effects of exceeding the limit.

If you are not careful, your nervous system will get affected.

8. Repetition of Similar Exercises for Long Periods

Have you been using similar exercises for many years? If so, chances are high that you have an imbalance in your body. It is time to make a change so that there is no defined pattern on body growth.

Otherwise, your form will suck even more when you check next.


If you have not tried this, it is time to try it. Take multiple photos of your body and assess if your form sucks.

It is an excellent indicator of where you are at now.

Depending on the results, please make the necessary changes.

8 Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Form Sucks