Weight Loss Mindset: A Game of Wits

weight loss mindset

Weight Loss Mindset: The piece you’re missing

If weight loss was so easy, then everyone would be skinny as a twig, right? It takes the right weight loss mindset, a plan, and just the steady progression of time to get awesome, lasting results. Check out a few of the must-haves (in terms of a weight loss mindset) you need to get results!

What’s the weight loss mindset that works?

A while back, I was having lunch in my favorite restaurant. A couple of ladies were seated close enough for me to put an ear into their conversation.

Not that I was really interested in their chit-chat but what aroused me was their discussion on weight loss. They were talking about how their weight loss strategies were not having an instant impact.

To cut a long story short, one of them really impressed me when she told them that they had the wrong mindset.

Let’s put it down this way. Our body and minds work in such cohesion that is difficult for many to fathom. Our minds do the thinking for our bodies to implement.

Weight loss is deemed to be an uphill task that requires one to put in plenty of effort in order to shed that extra weight. However, if I told you that weight loss is more of a psychological than a physical hurdle, would you believe me?

What about creating a weight loss mindset that works? Let’s dive in:


Weight Loss Mindset A Game of Wits nutrition (2)The depression-weight gain cycle has time been a hugely contested topic with the argument being based around which causes the other.

Does the weight loss result in stress when the figures on the scale frustrate you or is the depression due to other factors contributing to your weight gain?

Depression results in weight gain, especially around the waistline.

Arguments have been pointing fingers at anti-depressants that people take to calm their neurotransmitters. The anti-depressants were seen to have an impact on the patients’ weight, increasing after continuous usage.

Research carried out by a JAMA Psychiatry analysis showed that patients under Celexa gained about two and a half pounds.

However, not all weight gain is to be blamed on antidepressants. This is why:

  • Some people gain weight due to the stress itself and not the drugs. The change in moods may affect one’s appetite resulting in increased weight gain.
  • People react differently to the drugs, so to some, the drugs may have no impact on them; others lose weight whereas others gain.
  • It is a normal case especially among adults to gain weight despite being under anti-depressants medication.

Anti-depressants will continue being a subject of contention for a while due to their ambiguous results, but depression has its impact on your weight. Live stress-free, while you can.

Realistic Expectations & Goals

Expectations are important. For any success, goals, and expectations have to be set. For the majority of morning people (even the rest), before you get out of bed you normally have set goals that you intend to achieve come dusk.

Weight loss works just the same. You set a target, work towards it and achieve it. That simple. But what is key is being realistic. I mean, you can’t just expect to achieve the size 18 waistline of a supermodel in a jiffy.

Or perhaps you are planning on having those abs replacing your huge tummy by the end of the week.

You need a serious reality check and evaluation to see that it is virtually impossible for that.

However, with a positive weight loss mindset, you can set a realistic and achievable target within a certain time.

Have a workable plan, monitored diet, and workout routines. That is how you achieve your goals. Experts even further advise setting a range of weight you want to hit. Say if you want to lose 8 pounds, give yourself a range of 6-10 pounds. Now that is winning the weight loss mindset.

Old habits die-hard

They say habits are second nature. Your body becomes accustomed to the routines and habits you introduce. You drink daily; your body will always crave a drink.

You have coffee every morning; your body will crave caffeine every day. It’s more of a monkey see-monkey do phenomenon.

Weight Loss Mindset A Game of Wits nutrition (1)Habits are easy to identify. I mean, it can’t be that hard for you to discover you can’t do without smoking. But breaking this cycle is what seems to be an impossible plan to carry out.

However, instead of punishing your body by cutting off the habit abruptly, try and understand the underlying factors that contribute to this habit. Just as simple as using a different route to avoid your local pub or as difficult as examining why you need to smoke a full packet of cigarettes in a day.

Consider substituting these bad habits with a healthy and good one. Replace the beers with a glass of blended fruit. After all, habits are just but a game of cards in your mind. You stack your cards well, you win the game.

The society factor

We live with constant social interaction. Interaction is applicable in all spheres of life. Be it in school or at work, we just have to relate with other people. Unless you are considering being a hermit (good luck with that), we are social animals.

However, that innate drive to fit in and be socially accepted by all, may at times inhibit our conscience and alter our decisions in making the right dietary choices. At times, there is no way around the hurdle; you just have to hit the nail by the head.

You just have to reject those birthday cake offers coming up now and then. In the long run, just like jumping hurdles, you realize that each hurdle becomes easier. You’ll find rejecting these offers becomes easier and you learn to live with it.

This way you don’t look like that weird guy or girl who sticks to the salad but one who is principled. Case solved!


There is no be-all, end-all weight loss mindset that will have you losing weight in 2 days.

Instead, it’s about breaking old habits slowly and instilling new ones as you work towards your reachable goals in slow progression! If it was easy, everyone would do it, right?

Shannon, a self employed, foodie and social media junkie lives in St.Louis, MO. Formerly a Nutritionist who left a professional career stay at home with kids. Currently she writes for purehcgdietdrops.com which deals with weight loss supplements. You can reach her on FB for weight loss queries.
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