What Biking Can Do for Your Mind & Body

What Biking Can Do for Your Mind & Body

How Biking Can Improve Your Life

Whether you prefer to ride a mountain bike or a beach cruiser bike with a basket, your outings on your trusty steed are your key to a healthy mind and body. Here are five ways in which biking can benefit your mental and physical well-being.

1. Reduce Stress

Every time you get on your bike you’re not only getting physical exercise, which directly and positively affects your mental health, but you’re also receiving enjoyment from the experience.

You can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by regularly riding your bike and embracing benefits such as a change of scene and childhood memories associated with bikes, playtime, and freedom.

What Biking Can Do for Your Mind & Body2. Burn Fat

For most riders, fat burning is a welcome biking by-product. There’s nothing like putting the time into your biking passion and seeing your body respond positively.

Cycling regularly at a consistent time and intensity ups your body’s metabolic rate builds muscle and burns fat. By adjusting the time and intensity, you can achieve the fat-burning results you seek. You can choose to make it more fun, too.

Grab your friends and go for long leisurely rides on dutch style bikes or short hill rides on mountain bikes.

3. Improve Cognitive Abilities

According to experts, memory, planning, and reasoning are some of the cognitive abilities that just 30 minutes of consistent cycling can improve.

Even better, it doesn’t matter if those 30 minutes are spent on the road, stationary bike, or trail. Cycling delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, resulting in improved mental performance.

It also increases neurotransmitter activity, which promotes the brain’s regions to communicate more effectively.

4. Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Even small amounts of time spent biking can reduce your risk of heart disease.

If you commit to biking in small or greater amounts regularly, this can stimulate and improve your circulation, heart, and lungs, which in turn reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. While walking regularly for exercise has the same benefits, biking tends to be less hard on your joints.

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5. Increase Muscle Strength

While strong calf, thigh, and gluteal muscles are common among dedicated bikers, the muscular strength benefit doesn’t end there. If you commit to regular biking, you’ll find that your biceps, triceps, and deltoids also get a great workout, especially in hilly terrain.

For this reason, some bikers choose to adjust their handlebars or add climbing bars for an extra boost when tackling steeper gradients and slopes.


If these five mental and physical health benefits inspire you to invest in a new bike or dust off your old one, contact your local bike retailer today.

Bike experts can work with you to identify the bike that’s best for your physique and your commuting or recreational needs. They can also advise you on how to upgrade your existing bike, gear, and accessories.

No matter what style of bike you choose to ride, you’ll greatly benefit your mind and body.

What Biking Can Do for Your Mind & Body