Why Do People Use CBD for Chronic Pain?

cbd for chronic pain

Why People Use CBD for Chronic Pain

Ten years ago, CBD had a stigma around it. Whether people purposefully misunderstood the benefits of CBD, or they honestly didn’t know, times have changed. It seems like every day, more people are coming forward and admitting that CBD helps them deal with symptoms of everything from seizures to chronic pain.

CBD for chronic pain

Is there anything that supports this use? If so, how does CBD for chronic pain work?


Fortunately, there are dozens of studies on how CBD helps with chronic pain. A study by the European Journal of Pain found that usage can dull inflammation caused by arthritis, which is to blame for the pain of the illness.

There are also studies showing that it can help with stubborn pain, which is otherwise difficult to treat.

Why People Use CBD for Chronic PainChronic pain and CBD get heavily researched together, and almost every bit of research turns back the same result: it works, and it works well.

How It Works

Cannabinoids are capable of reducing swelling, increasing mobility, and allowing more sleep while also lowering the sensation of pain. The result of this is that patients tend to get better rest and have less stress, which helps ease their symptoms even further.

Many kinds of chronic pain can get improved with exercise and stretches, which can feel impossible for many patients. CBD helps by wiping the strain off the board and allowing people to heal and work with their chronic illnesses.

Who It Helps

Chronic pain inflicts twenty percent of all Americans. This statistic means that a fifth of the people in the USA have to live through their daily lives, feeling incredible pain on most days.

This pain can stop their productivity, destroy their quality of life, and make life difficult for those they share their homes and jobs with.

Chronic pain encompasses everything from arthritis to lupus and is hard to ignore. CBD makes it so that they can deal with their life without having to deal with symptoms.

It’s easy, nonaddictive, and has almost no side effects. It’s a complete game-changer for that 20% should they choose to try it.


CBD is now widely available. There are dozens of websites, shops, even gas stations that carry CBD and CBD products. Instead of having to go through a doctor or do anything illegal, people can access this medication the moment they need it. The prices are lower, which makes it easier to obtain, and it’s incredibly easy to take.

From lotions to oils to foods, CBD comes in an array of different options so that anyone would be excited to take their medication. It’s a big step up from giant pills.

That being said, be sure to do your research and purchase from reliable, honest brands.


CBD is far cheaper than most prescription medications.  Though few insurance companies now cover CBD, it’s still less expensive.  Cheap CBD wax can last longer, and cost less than a meal for two at a restaurant.

Meanwhile, most prescription meds are skyrocketing in cost simply because they can.


CBD has to stay affordable, the prices need to remain competitive, and that helps the customers who need it the most.

Why Do People Use CBD for Chronic Pain?