Goal Setting: Why Are Goals Important?

Goal Setting Why Are Goals Important

Set Goals to Last Year-Round

We tend to think of New Year’s Eve as the time to set resolutions for the year to come — but why limit it to just then? Check out these goal-setting tips that will help you stay on track for the entire year!

Set goals that will last year-round…

Resolutions are great and all, but why should you only consider them when you’re “starting fresh” with the New Year?

Goal setting should be something that’s done year-round, and here are some reasons why.

Goals Give You Something to Work Toward

Why You Should Set Goals for Yourself Year RoundIf you just make a couple of resolutions at New Year’s, it’s easy to lose sight of your goal. People forget about their New Year’s resolutions all the time. If you’re setting goals throughout the entire year, you always have something to accomplish.

Having multiple short-term goals can keep you from getting distracted or bored from working toward them. It also gives you more opportunities to have that feeling of accomplishment all year round.

If you have one large long-term goal you want to go for, setting goals for each step throughout the year can help you stay dedicated. It’s nice to notice that you’re getting somewhere with your goals, and it could be hard to do that if you’re just focused on the long-term.

Breaking the goal down into steps helps you to notice that you’re getting somewhere.

Goals Give You Clarity

Everyone has points in their lives where they feel like they’re running on autopilot and don’t know what they want out of life. Goals help you to figure out that sense of clarity and purpose that prevents the autopilot feeling. They give you things you’ve always wanted in your life and help you to stop making excuses for why you aren’t doing these things.

If you have a project you’ve dreamed about doing all your life but never knew where to start, try taking steps to make that happen. Does what you want to accomplish need money? Start a crowdfunding campaign. You won’t magically be able to get all your funds at once, but you’ll get there.

After all, the average crowdfunding campaign earns about $7,000. Make your first goal be to get that funding, and then go from there.

Goals can help you make your dreams a reality — you just have to work on making them happen. Let your goals help you get what you really want out of life so you can live it to the fullest and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Goals Make You Accountable

Instead of just talking about what it is you want, goals make you take action. There’s no one but you who’s accountable. You can’t blame anyone else if your goals don’t get met because they’re based on your own wants. These are tasks for no one else — it’s all on you.

If your goal is something like weight loss, make working out and eating right a habit. Plan out your schedule in advance so you can insert workouts into the times that work. Maybe use a Saturday or Sunday to plan healthy meals for the week.

Why You Should Set Goals for Yourself Year RoundMaking your goals a part of everyday life helps you work them into being part of your daily routine — a new habit. Eventually, you’ll start to feel strange if you don’t have that run in the morning or eat a healthy breakfast.

If you have a friend working toward the same goals, keep each other in check. When one of you doesn’t want to do the task for the day, the other is the motivator. It’s easy to skip a day when it’s just you, but if you have someone else counting on you, that makes it harder to miss.

Success comes from making your goal a priority and knowing exactly why you want it. Keep yourself educated on your goal to strengthen why it is you want to accomplish it. You’ll want to do things more if you know they’re going to get you to your end goal. Reflect and decide what you want to pursue.

Use that to internalize desire to motivate you even more.

Be the Best Person and Live the Best Life

Goals are how you mold yourself into the best person you can be and give yourself the life you dream about. They help you access all of your potentials. They break you out of the routine and encourage growth and learning new things. Goals make you challenge yourself to be even better than you were before, and that’s important.

Goals help make your life as amazing as possible. Instead of coasting through and accepting whatever happens, they encourage you to make changes and guide your own life. You take the reins and make life what you want it to be. If you haven’t discovered your life purpose, goals can help you figure it out.

If you have your life’s purpose figured out, goals are how you ensure you accomplish it.


Goals are meant to be things you strive toward all of the time — not just once a year.

If you have a good New Year’s resolution, think about how you can set goals to accomplish it throughout the whole year instead of forgetting about it by February.

Set goals this year to push yourself to be the best you can be!

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Goal Setting: Why Are Goals Important?