Fat Burning Foods: The Top 10 Foods That Burn Fat Calories

foods that burn fat

Fat burning foods: Add these foods to your diet

Fat-burning foods? Seriously? What are they? While they don’t literally melt or burn fat, these fat-burning foods can help speed up your metabolism and set you up for weight loss! Combined with your active DIY Lifestyle, these fat-burning foods can help you get the weight loss results you want!

Fat Burning Foods – What Are They?

When your goal is to lose weight (which is almost everyone) then empty calories are your biggest enemy! If you think starving yourself will get results then think again. In fact, there are some food choices that can actually help you lose weight (when combined with an active lifestyle). Certain fat-burning foods can help speed up your metabolism and help you get the results you want!

You might be thinking to yourself, “What the heck are these fat burning foods, and how do they work?” Well, let’s dive in:

1. Green Tea

Fat Burning Foods Green Tea

Try replacing that sugar-laden cup of coffee (or 5) with a green eat to reap the benefits of this super drink. Green tea is known for its antioxidant content that can give you youthful skin and a healthy heart. not only that, but its phytonutrient content can also help you burn calories. Include this drink along with other foods to boost your metabolism!

2. Bananas

We all know that bananas are a good source of carbohydrates and potassium. It is also considered to be among the top energy-giving foods that help to boost your metabolism. That being said, stick to one per day as it is loaded with natural sugars that you don’t want to consume too much of as well!

3. Lentils

Fat Burning Foods Lentil

Lentils are gaining popularity among the diet-conscious crowd lately. Having a portion of lentils will offer sufficient protein and the fiber content will keep you full. Having a portion of lentils is a great idea while on a diet as it will keep your urge for binging under control!

4. Quinoa

This super vegetarian food has gained popularity with its extensive nutritional and weight loss benefits. This has brought it to the top of the chart for vegetarians and even for non-vegetarians. Quinoa may not have fat-burning properties but this food can work as a good replacement for another fattening, carb-loaded foods. It is high on Glycemic Index, low on calories, and too tasty to deny!

5. Lemon

Fat Burning Foods Lemons

This sour yellow fruit is a great refresher in summers and when you consume it first thing in the morning with a glass full of hot water, lemons can cleanse your body of extra fats. Lemon can also be consumed after every meal to let the juice dilute all the oil deposited in the system and flush it out. Lemon and honey together are a great combination.

6. Salmon

Salmon is rich in oils, so how can it be a fat-burning food? This is a valid question but when you consider that salmon is very low on saturated fats and is loaded with omega 3’s which are heart-healthy making it a great alternative to junk food. If you love to have that quick burger on the go then look for salmon as a tasty, low-calorie alternative.

7. Yogurt

Fat Burning Foods Yogurt

Calcium-rich yogurt is a great way to aid your digestion. Yogurt is a great replacement for sour cream, baking fats, or midday snacks. Including yogurt in your meal can reduce the intake of other fatty foods and can provide your body with vital vitamins. If you want a real treat then check out Greek yogurt that is thick and a protein-rich substitute for many of your fatty favorites!

8. Berries

Berries are loaded with antioxidants and have a significant effect on weight loss. All berries are good fat burners but blueberries are known for their fat-burning properties. A bowl of berries works wonders for your weight loss routine and makes for a great, convenient snack!

9. Asparagus

Fat Burning Foods Asparagus

This is a great superfood because it has many health benefits along with speeding up your metabolism. Have asparagus in any form or just soup it up and see how it can provide a metabolism boost and improve your overall health.

10. Spices

Almost every dish you eat is loaded with authentic spices. These spices are viewed as taste enhancers but also aid in digestion or stabilize acids present in the food. Though all spices have their benefits, cinnamon works directly as a blood sugar regulator. A pinch of cinnamon in the morning can minimize your sugar cravings throughout the day – sounds like great fat-burning food!


These fat-burning foods are just some of the foods that can help expand your horizons and tingle your taste buds while helping to boost your metabolism!

Fat Burning Foods: The Top 10 Foods That Burn Fat Calories