10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Increase Productivity at Work

We are all looking for ways that help us be more productive especially as many of us are working from home during the pandemic. Extending working hours shouldn’t be the solution to reaching better work results. There are several simple ways you can boost your productivity and it only takes so much planning.

How to increase productivity at work

In this article, we gathered together 10 tips that can help you increase productivity and get more work out of the hours put in. We were lucky to be able to discuss these tips with iGaming expert, Boross Ors. Ors has been a programmer, a professional poker player, and is now a website manager and you can read more about him here.

1. Exercise on your breaks

Exercise will refresh your mind. No matter if you hit the gym on your lunch break or go for a quick jog around the block, your body will release endorphins during exercise.

This hormone reduces pain, relieves stress, and triggers positive feelings throughout the body. Some employers place ping-pong tables or table football games in the office to add some working fun.

2. Play a game

Studies show that when playing video games your mind can get into a state that is similar to meditation. If you wonder how to decrease stress at work playing quick games might just be the solution.

You can add more excitement to your gaming by opting for casino games. Online casinos, such as Unibet casino, offer a wide range of games such as slots and table games.

3. Tackle the hardest task

It is always a good idea to get the hardest task out of the way. If you don’t you will be thinking about it all day and you will keep procrastinating. Start with it as soon as you arrive in the office and don’t stop until you have tackled it.

10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work4. Plan your day

You should mentally prepare for your day the night before. Write a list of the two or three most important things that you want to tackle the next day.

Once you are done with them you can tick them off your list. Ticking items off lists will give you a sense of achievement as well as instant gratification.

5. Don’t get distracted

In our day and age, we are constantly distracted. Our smartphones buzz with every instant message, every Facebook notification, or every tweet. If you can’t concentrate on a task it will take double or triple the time to finish it.

Keep your smartphone notifications on silent and only check them once or twice during the working day.

6. Use your commuting time

While for Americans commuting means sitting behind the wheel, in Budapest, most people commute to work on public transport. As you don’t have to do the driving you can use this time wisely.

While sitting on the bus or tram plan what to do at work or perhaps start browsing through your work emails. This will take you further than watching funny cat videos.

7. Follow the two-minute rule

The rule is simple. If you can get something done in two minutes, do it right away. If you don’t you will spend a lot of time thinking about this task and trying to figure out when to do it.

8. Keep your meetings short

Only attend meetings if they are beneficial. Some meetings are a waste of time and you shouldn’t be attending them in the first place.

A relatively new phenomenon, stand-up meetings are a great way to keep meetings short and focusing on the necessary aspects only.

9. Stop multitasking

The human brain is not meant to multitask. If you try to do several things at the same time you will lose more time than if you tackled them one after another.

10. Minimize interruptions

When you have some hard work to do it is better to close your office door or book a meeting room for yourself so that other colleagues can’t disturb you. Silence work chats and email notifications and only check those after you are done with your task.


Paying attention to our wellbeing, cutting out distractions, and planning our days ahead can help us be much more productive in our work.

Instead of working longer hours learn to work smarter. This will ensure that you feel accomplished and not exhausted after a day of work.

10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work