5 Workouts Before Work

workout before work

5 Ways to Squeeze a Workout in Before Work

Even if you have a bit of a hectic schedule, that is not an excuse to skip out on your early morning workout routine. Your health is important and if you end up falling into a pattern where you skip your exercise and just try to adhere to a busy schedule instead, it’s going to start affecting you both mentally and physically.

How to get a workout in before work

A morning workout is the best way to wake you up and get you motivated to take on the day.

Here are the best ways to squeeze in a workout before you head off to work for another busy day.

Prepare the night before

Whether you are readying yourself for another day, or you are currently attending one of the top Weight Loss Camps in Europe, getting yourself ready mentally the night before is the key to squeezing in a successful workout the next morning.

Get your workout clothes ready and place them next to your bed, set your alarm about 10 minutes before your usual waking up time, and go to bed early. The more sleep you get, the better you will feel about working out in the morning.

Work smarter, not longer

It’s actually far healthier to have a more productive session for ten minutes than to just do a lackluster run for 30 minutes. Try to focus entirely on all of your muscles by doing stretches, planks, and sit-ups.

That way you can warm up your body and you wake yourself up before you actually get dressed to go to work.

However, if you feel like you need to work out a little more, try an additional 5-10 minutes of light intensity cardio. That should you get ready for the day.

Daily commute

Whilst you may not want to run or walk to work every day, if you occasionally decide to run or bike to work the occasional time, this can be a workout in itself.

Morning Madness 5 Ways to Squeeze a Workout in Before Work Starting TodayYour commute will allow you the time to work out and burn off your morning calories. It will also allow you to get the fresh air you need in order to wake up.

Get a friend to join in

Maybe you have an office buddy or a partner that would be interested in getting up and working out with you? Two heads are always better than one and it can be motivational to have someone in the same position as you.

After all, you don’t want to let them down!

They will motivate you to stick to your workout plans and may even join in if you commute to the office on foot or bike.

Working out at the office

If you genuinely are pushed for time at home, then why not bring your exercise to the office? You can use your chair in order to help with squats and keep your posture straight.

Should you have friends that want to exercise as well, you can even organize a morning yoga session to help get them ready for a day of hard work. Even talk to your boss about starting a corporate fitness program.


There you have it! Some simple ways to squeeze a workout in before work. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just get active!

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5 Workouts Before Work