3 Benefits of Estrogen Blockers for Men

estrogen blocker for men

Benefits of Estrogen Blockers

As men age, their bodies stop producing testosterone. Low testosterone causes hypogonadism. The condition causes loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm production, and fatigue.

Can estrogen blockers help?

The issues can weigh heavily on a man. Estrogen is often related to women’s bodies.

However, men too have estrogen hormones.

Estradiol is the specific kind of estrogen found in men. It expedites healthy brain function, joints, and the development of sperms.

However, this form of estrogen can be over-secreted in males, a situation that comes with adverse effects on their health. Estrogen blockers are supplements that control the production of estrogen in men. Here are three benefits to using Estrogen blockers.

1. Low Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat is typical in men. Most aging men tend to develop big bellies.

3 Benefits to Using Estrogen BlockersTrying to control this belly fat is tough. The fat accumulates around the stomach due to the estrogen.

Estrogen makes fat accumulate in the belly area more than anywhere else. A good diet and estrogen blockers can help you take care of that belly.

Many men above the age of 40 are struggling with belly fat. In most cases, abdominal fat comes along with man boobs.

High levels of this hormone lead to man boobs, a situation that makes many of them uncomfortable leading to low self-esteem.

The remedy lies in the estrogen blockers that will improve testosterone, which facilitates muscle buildup as opposed to excess fats.

2. Increased Strength

When you have estrogen imbalance, you tend to feel weak. Men who have increased testosterone and low estrogen tend to have bigger muscles.

Muscle growth requires high protein consumption.

When you exercise, you break down muscle fibers. They have to heal and rebuild, this time growing just a little bit bigger in preparation for more strenuous activities in the future.

A diet supplement is essential to aid this process. Increased estrogen makes the process almost impossible.

However, high testosterone supports the repair of muscle fibers. Testosterone improves the speed of the restoration of the muscle fibers. Muscles are a sign that you are healthy and robust. Building muscles also builds strength and stamina.

3. Improved Libido

Many aging men have a low sex drive. It is a common problem.

Most men at this age cannot maintain a healthy sex drive. Estrogen levels need to be minimal. When the opposite happens, most men have issues keeping up in bed. High estrogen kills testosterone.

In such cases, most men cannot rise to the occasion or even maintain a healthy sexual life.


Estrogen blockers act to maintain a balance for the amount of estrogen in the body. The blockers may be a reasonable course of action. However, low libido can be caused by many other underlying issues.

This may call for other extra tests to be conducted to ascertain for sure that no other health factors are contributing to this condition.

3 Benefits of Estrogen Blockers for Men