5 Tips for Using the Best Protein Powder to Build Muscle

best protein powder to build muscle

Using Protein Powder to Gain Muscle

Whether you are going for whey, casein, or a weight gainer protein powder in order to gain some muscles, these sports nutrition products are a great alternative when you want to gain muscles the healthier way. They are all available at different costs and can be easily absorbed into your body, bloodstream, and muscles fast.

Using protein powder 101

Protein powders come in different forms and different flavors to suit everyone’s taste. They contain key compounds that aid in rebuilding and repairing the muscle damage caused by physical fitness exercises.

Although common among bodybuilders and athletes, any other person that wants to gain muscle can also use them.

The below tips will guide on using protein powder to gain muscle.


Protein powder can be consumed in several different ways. This includes mixing it with water, flavored drinks like milk, or blended to form a smoothie.

5 Tips to Using Protein Powder to Gain MuscleOther people prefer using it as an ingredient while cooking to make it part of the meal. Whichever way you prefer to consume it, you can still benefit from its intake. Vegans can also consume the non-dairy protein powder in the same way.

Consider the time to take the protein powder

Knowing the best time to consume your protein powder will determine how effective it will be in helping you gain muscle.

Although they can be taken at other times, the best time to take protein powder is in the morning and after training when trying to recover some energy lost during training since at this time your muscles need protein the most.

Drink a shake of any of your preferred protein powder 30 minutes after workout. This activates your bloodstream releasing amino acids into your muscles for the formation of new muscle tissue.

Being a source of protein, their protein-boosting levels are high for providing the body with the nutrients needed post-workout.

Know the amount

Most protein powders have an indicated amount of serving to take with instructions normally indicating 30g per serving.

Studies show that this is the right amount required for muscle repair and synthesis after intense workouts. Limit to the instructions indicated on the package to avoid excess intake, especially for those also taking protein powder as a food supplement.

Protein blend

Combine different types of protein blends like casein, whey, and soy to get a complete concentrate of proteins.

The proteins will be absorbed at different rates, but this combination should not be taken before or after workouts due to the different rates that these protein powders react in the body.

Get the right type

The type of protein powder supplement that you are taking is important as compared to the time that you consume it.

Due to the times when you take a protein powder which is mostly in the morning and after training, need to use a protein powder that absorbs fat.


Whey protein is one of the most recommended due to its absorbing elements.

Other protein powders that contain egg protein powder like casein and foods like whole eggs are also absorbed faster into the body. With a faster absorption rate, they reach your muscles faster.

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5 Tips for Using the Best Protein Powder to Build Muscle