4 Easy Fat-Burner Workouts at Home

fat burner workout at home

Simple, Doable Fat-Burning Exercises

Want a fast-paced, quick home workout you can do anywhere, anytime? These 4 simple fat-burning exercises combine to give you a great workout that torches calories! Keep it fast-paced and get going!

Workout anywhere with these fat-burning exercises

This great workout below is sure to provide you ample benefits. It’s an aerobic pyramid which means you need to perform it with minimal rest time in-between each exercise. Your body will, therefore, use stored oxygen as fuel to increase your aerobic fitness.

As heart rate increases, calories are burned. You need to expend energy to keep heart rate up!

Muscle sculpting is another added benefit to these at-home exercises. Other benefits include – stronger heart and lungs, reduced stress, and better sleep.


4 Simple Fat-Burning Exercises for Your Home Workout

Starting in a plank position, core, glutes, and quads engaged, hands underneath shoulders, slowly bend elbows and lower down until your chest barely touches the floor. Your lower back should remain neutral. Modification – knees drop to the floor

3 sets of 10 – 12

Jump lunges

4 Simple Fat-Burning Exercises for Your Home Workout

Starting with feet hip-width, right leg steps forward to a lunge, knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. pushing off the balls of your feet jump to switch legs coming to a lunge with the left leg. Shoulders remain over hips

3 sets of 10-15


4 Simple Fat-Burning Exercises for Your Home Workout

Laying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor to start, legs extend straight up to the ceiling forming the shape of a V, arms pulse through your legs, one hand on top of the other, head and shoulders are lifted. Modification – head, and shoulders stay on the floor.

3 sets of 15- 20


4 Simple Fat-Burning Exercises for Your Home Workout

Starting with feet shoulder-width, weight in your heels, arms at your side, lower down to a squat. Place hands on the floor directly in front of you & jump your feet back lading on the balls of your feet in plank position. option to add a push-up, jump feet back to outside of hands and explosively jump up, reach up. Lower back down to squat and repeat.

3 sets of 10-15


Bust out this workout for the prescribed 3 sets at a fast pace and not only will you build muscle and burn calories but also potentially unleash the afterburn effect and continually burn calories after it’s over!

Give these simple fat-burning exercises a try and let us know what you think below!

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4 Easy Fat-Burner Workouts at Home