The 5 Best Ab Workouts to Keep You Active

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Best Ab Workouts

Many times when it comes to the best ab workouts, it’s all about intensity! Check out how you can use these simple moves below to crush your core and perform one of your own best ab workouts!

What are the best ab workouts?

If you’re having trouble staying active but want killer six-pack abs, you’ve got a problem.

Although doing a few crunches in your living room while you catch up on your TV program is a step in the right direction, crunches aren’t the best workout for you or your abs. Instead, try these surprisingly difficult ab workouts to get your stomach super flat and burn fat.

Modify your plank

5 Best Ab Workouts You Can Do To Keep You ActiveYou’ve all probably done a plank at least once in your life. Most people just face the floor on a soft mat or the carpet then support themselves with their elbows and forearms in the front and their toe in the back, feet hip-width apart.

If you find this position challenging, keep it up, but to rev up your workout, try supporting yourself with your hands instead, keep your abs strong, and add in some movement.

  • Lift one leg at a time, holding your back in the same position so it doesn’t sag down. Hold your leg out for a few counts then lower it again. Switch sides.
  • Pick up the pace and stomp your toes one at a time.
  • Now stomp your toes out to the side to widen the width of your feet past your shoulders. First, move your right foot further to the right. Leave it there then lift the left and move it further to the left. Time to bring it back in. Lift your right foot back to the starting position and once it’s in place follow with the left. Now just do that a bunch more times – your abs will be burning tomorrow.

Mountain climber

This is a bit like a plank, but will also give you a bit of cardio – your heart will be racing when you’re done.

  • Start in the plank position with your hands supporting your upper body. Your shoulders should be positioned slightly over your wrist.
  • Quickly move your right leg into your chest, bending and drawing your knee to the middle of your chest between your arms. Toes should be pointed, and your back should stay flat – make sure you don’t push your tush into the air.
  • Quickly bring your leg back to the starting position and follow up immediately by bringing the left leg forward the same way.

Sit up with and throw a medicine ball

  • Make your regular sit-ups more difficult by using a medicine ball and working with a partner.
  • Hold the medicine ball between your hands over your chest and sit up quickly, throwing the medicine ball to your partner. Make sure you make eye contact, so you know your partner is ready.
  • Once your partner catches the ball, crunch back down, then back up quickly to get ready to catch the ball, which your partner will throw this time. Repeat.

5 Best Ab Workouts You Can Do To Keep Yourself Active TwistRussian twist

Many people just focus on the front but neglect their obliques – hence, the Russian twist. For this one, you’ll need a weight or medicine ball.

  • Sit on your butt with your leg out but slightly bent, heels on the ground. Your back should be straight, slightly back, abs are engaged. You should look like a big V.
  • Hold the medicine ball or weight out in your extended arms.
  • To make it easier, keep your feet on the ground, but to add difficulty, lift them up.
  • Twist your torso to the right with the weight in your extended arms.
  • Twist to the opposite side and repeat.

Horizontal woodchop

This is a bit like the Russian twist, but you’ll use a cable pulley this time.

  • Adjust the pulley to your shoulder height (you can also use a band).
  • Stand to face away from the cable – your feet should be a bit wider than your hips. Turn your torso with your arms straight and grab the handle.
  • Rotate your torso to the opposite side to create tension and work your obliques. You should bring your hands and the handle all the way across your body.
  • Switch sides and repeat.


These best ab workouts can be intense, but that’s the idea.

Although you might feel it the next day, that means you engaged your abs and are breaking down fat and building muscle, getting closer to your goal of a strong, flat core.

Since many of them involve engaging other parts of your body, like your legs and chest, you’ll be getting in a mini-workout as well, especially if you pick up the pace to get your heart beating as well.

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