We Want These 5 Fitness Gadgets

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Fitness Gadgets: Must-Haves

We all love fitness gadgets just because they are so cool and useful. Not only do they make you the “cool kid” at the gym but they can also help track your progress or even help you get going in the first place! Check out this great list of fitness gadgets and exercise trackers we wish we had!

Grab these fitness gadgets

If it’s hard for you to work up the discipline to stay in shape, you may find that adding a clever new device to your workout will renew your inspiration.

Here are five great fitness gadgets to pump up your willpower with a touch of high-tech coolness.

Finis Neptune5 Fitness Gadgets We Want!

If your favorite workout is doing laps in the swimming pool, you may have envied people on dry land who could listen to music while they exercise. Now Finis offers a waterproof mp3 player that doesn’t even have to touch your ears!

Using the conductivity of your cheekbones, this waterproof device attaches to your eyewear or swim goggles, and carries 4GB of storage space.

Aria WiFi Smart Scale5 Fitness Gadgets We Want!

When you step on this scale it’s like you’ve got your best friend standing next to you, looking at the dial. A best friend who supports your fitness efforts without offering editorial comments!

This Aria sensitive device calculates your BMI and the percentage of your body fat, and wirelessly syncs these with computer and mobile devices so that you can chart your progress. Boost your motivation by watching your progress on an online graph with immediate feedback.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch5 Fitness Gadgets We Want!

Many types of fitness trackers are available now, but some of the easiest and most convenient come in the form of wristwatches. Check through the reviews and see which ones have the price and features that you’re looking for.

Many can be set to sound an audio or vibrating alarm to keep you in your target heart rate zone. Some even come with MP3 players and WiFi or Bluetooth capability to upload data onto a computer or channel music into your wireless headphones.

Xbox Fitness5 Fitness Gadgets We Want!

If your ideal fitness scenario involves having a celebrity trainer right there in the room with you, Xbox Fitness might be just the companion your workout routine needs.

The X-Box Kinect motion sensor provides feedback on your form, power, and heart rate while providing customized encouragement from the best trainers in the business. You can choose among a wide variety of workouts through this console.

Edge 800 Bike Computer5 Fitness Gadgets We Want!

Clamp this little touch-screen device onto your handlebars and its GPS tracking will show you where you are at every moment. The Edge 800 also records your distance, speed, and rate of ascent.

It can also pair wirelessly with a heart rate monitor to fully analyze your ride.


With these five innovative tools and many others like them, you’ll be able to capture real-time data that describes your physical output.

The ongoing revolution in wearable technology is opening new horizons for fitness buffs and gadget lovers alike. Enhance both your motivation and the sheer fun of your workout with one of these cool new devices.

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We Want These 5 Fitness Gadgets