The 5 Healthiest Breakfasts To Start Your Day

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Healthy Breakfasts to Start Your Day

The most important meal of the day? You betcha! Check out these 5 powerful, healthy breakfasts that can help you energize and power through the morning. Healthy breakfasts to the rescue!

Eat up on these healthy breakfasts

Modern wisdom has often reiterated the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Repeated studies suggest that a good breakfast helps prevent overeating, stabilizes your overall blood sugar levels, and may even reduce cholesterol.

If you want to start every day feeling your best, try one of these healthy, nutrient-packed breakfasts.

5 Lean, Mean Healthy Breakfasts to Start Your Day1. Smarter Smoothies

Every morning, all across the world, busy individuals grab breakfast smoothies from their favorite juice bars and fast food joints. While these often appear healthy, they’re usually anything but. Sugar-filled and calorie-packed, these smoothies often contain more juice and ice than whole fruits, offering little more than a sugar crash after a few hours.

On top of that, they tend to be expensive and prove an unsustainable breakfast option for most people. Get smarter about your smoothies by blending at home!

The perfect breakfast smoothie should contain frozen fruit, real fruit juice, a few blendable greens like spinach and kale, and a protein source.

This protein source can be yogurt, whey powder, or chia seeds—it’s up to you. Any combination of the above-listed ingredients will produce a smoothie with plenty of vitamins, fiber, and protein—all you need is a few minutes and a blender!

2. Good Morning, Green Salad

Believe it or not, salads can make for great breakfasts. A salad comprised of low-fat mozzarella, plum tomato, and baby spinach, lightly tossed with a squirt of lime juice or your favorite vinaigrette, makes for an incredibly refreshing, nutrient-dense way to start your day.

If you prefer a greener approach, tossing kale with cranberries, walnuts, and a splash of fruity vinaigrette will yield a low-calorie breakfast rich in vitamins, healthy fats, and protein.

3. A Double Dose of Protein

Protein has developed something of a bad reputation in some dietary circles, but it has a part to play in everything from losing water weight to repairing your body’s cells. Protein is an essential nutrient, as it constantly helps the body rebuild.

The traditional Western breakfast contains a few great proteins but often pairs these with syrup-covered carbohydrates and greasy starches. Skip the pancakes and hash browns by creating a protein-centric breakfast of steak and eggs.

This delicious morning meal provides a double-dose of protein with a minimum of carbohydrates, so those who favor a low-carb approach to eating can dine happily. It also requires a bare minimum of essentials: one trimmed and seared steak, one or two eggs, and a small dab of butter or olive oil is all you need. As long as you keep your portion sizes under control, this breakfast can provide a healthy burst of energy at the start of your day.

5 Lean, Mean Healthy Breakfasts to Start Your Day Oats4. Homemade Granola Bars

If you don’t have time to grab more than a quick bite in the mornings, consider making your own granola bars at home. Most granola bar recipes can be scaled effortlessly to make extremely large batches that you can prep ahead of time.

If you’re worried about a lack of preservatives, freeze the bars between layers of wax paper to guarantee that they last almost indefinitely.

Besides being cheaper than store-bought bars, you can customize your bars with everything you like or need, such as dried cranberries, almonds, dehydrated apples, or even sun-dried tomatoes.

5. Better Breakfast Burritos

If you hear “breakfast burrito” and think “greasy calorie bomb”, think again. Skip the drive-through burritos and assemble your own at home.

Use whole wheat or spinach tortilla, pile this full of egg whites, and cover these in a few spoonfuls of your favorite salsa. Throw in some lean Canadian bacon or ham and fresh veggies, like spinach or bell peppers, and you’ve got a complete meal contained within that tortilla. This can be a great breakfast to take on the go or to wrap up and reheat for lunch.


Remember that no matter what your lifestyle is or what your plans for your body’s improvement might be, skipping breakfast casts a shadow over the rest of your day in countless areas of both mental and physical performance.

If you’ve found that your daily breakfast has become less-than-healthy, try a few of these power, healthy breakfasts and see how you feel.

A change in your morning meal has the power to change your whole day, so if you’re trying to establish a healthy routine, breakfast is the place to start.

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