6 Ways to Mix Up Your Cycling Workout Routine

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Fixing Your Cycling Routine

Doing the same thing over and over can get really boring, even if it comes to your cycling routine. Here are some quick tips to help you change it up, stay motivated, and keep crushing your goals!

Need to change up your cycling routine?

Cycling is a fun activity that gets you out in the fresh air. Whether it’s on a trail or on the sidewalks of a city street, there are various options when it comes to cycling. It’s important to change your routine so that you don’t get bored with the exercise.

If exercise is boring, then you likely won’t want to do it, which could result in weight gain or a decrease in energy.

Below are six ways to add some variety to your cycling routine.

Ride on the Coastline

6 Ways to Mix Up Your Cycling RoutineIf you live near a beach, consider taking your bike out on the coast for a breezy ride. Sunrise and sunset are ideal times for you to enjoy the beauty of nature while getting a maximum workout, and the sand provides resistance for your legs while peddling.

When biking on the sand, use easy gear, as a hard one will dig you down. Also, make sure to change directions gradually—turning the wheel too quickly rather than leaning to turn may dig your wheel into the sand and cause the bike to flip over.

Bike at Night

Instead of riding during the day, take a ride in the evening, enjoying the stars and moon along the way. Riding at night is often cooler, which is sometimes more of a motivation to ride for a longer period of time. While riding at night, it’s important to pay more attention to safety, wearing bright clothing and a reflector on the bike.

If you get into an accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact a personal injury lawyer, but taking steps to remain noticeable in the dark can prevent problems like this.

Cycle in Intervals

When you’re cycling, don’t just ride at one speed for the entire ride. Change up your routine with intervals of slow riding for five minutes and a fast sprint for two minutes. Base your times on how comfortable you are with riding and the stamina that you have for the duration.

This varying of speeds will keep your mind stimulated, rather than bogging you down with long stretches of the same old speed. The switching from fast to steady will also keep your heart rate up.

Pedal on Trails

When you take a ride on a trail, you will often get a better workout than if you stay on a sidewalk. Trails aren’t the same everywhere you travel. One trail could have steep hills for some uphill exertion and some thrilling downhill rides, whereas another trial could be flat terrain with a beautiful view and a steady workout.

When you ride on a variety of trails, you can see the animals and flowers that makeup nature while getting some good exercise.

Bike in Hill Country

6 Ways to Mix Up Your Cycling Routine OutdoorsOne way to strengthen your legs is to ride in areas that have hills. Though climbing uphill can be difficult, the exercise can be made easier through meditation. Direct your energy to your legs when climbing uphill, not your face.

Keep your upper body relaxed and focus on staying rhythmic in your pedaling as you ascend. You’ll want to stand up from the saddle while getting up the hill before coasting back down.

This alternation between sitting and standing while getting up the hills, as well as the ups and downs of the terrain and views will add variety to the routine.


Along with owning an outdoor bike, you might want to consider purchasing a stationary bike inside your home. This is an option if the weather is bad outside or if you want to watch your favorite television show or movie while riding.

It’s also a way for you to stay with children while exercising if you don’t have anyone to watch them during your normal routine. Owning an exercise bike can be a helpful way to motivate yourself to still exercise on days when you just don’t want to put on all your safety gear and go outside.


If you’re an avid cycler but are getting tired of your routine, know that you can ride your bike almost anywhere, changing the routine for almost every day of the week.

Find a trail to explore, or spend some time on the shore viewing the rays of the sun as they glisten on the water.

Find a cycling routine that works for you so that you stay motivated to ride.

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